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 Young Newbie with a STC Console Radio
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 Return to top of page · Post #: 16 · Written at 7:23:04 PM on 22 February 2018.
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 Location: Sydney, NSW
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I'm fine with the photos being used on any website.

Thanks, will pass that on.

 Return to top of page · Post #: 17 · Written at 11:31:56 AM on 23 February 2018.
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Hello HankKitts. I personally wouldn't recommend that set for a first effort. The interstage transformers are quite likely to be open circuit. I recently restored a model 680 using the same cabinet and it was a big job. I finished the cabinet in nitrocelulous laquer and it was a very difficult and lengthy job. The chassis was poor, and I had to replace almost everything under the chassis, including all the mica capacitors! See here: https://www.radiomuseum.org/r/stcaus_680_ch_68.html

If I were you I'd seek out a couple of post war mains mantels to start with, to practice you electronic and wood finishing skills. Another tip; don't do anything you can't easily undo.

Cheers, Stuart

 Return to top of page · Post #: 18 · Written at 11:36:59 AM on 23 February 2018.
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 Location: QLD
 Member since 10 April 2009
 Member #: 465
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Looking at the chassis, it appears that the interstage transformers are actually missing! This is not good. You'll need to find a "normal" interstage transformer for the first one, step up, maybe 1:2 or 1:3. The second one needs to be a "class B driver" type, step down, to suit a type 30 driving a type 19 valve.

Cheers, Stuart

 Return to top of page · Post #: 19 · Written at 5:52:22 PM on 23 February 2018.
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 Location: Belrose, NSW
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I have a suitable transformer for the 2nd one, it would also suit the 1st spot but I'd recommend R-C coupling. I can help with that when you are ready.

Although it's a relatively complex radio for a battery set, one advantage your set has is it's much less likely to kill you if you make a mistake! By the time you add the extra complexity of the mains power supply, it works out about the same.

The first radio I restored was a basket-case Airzone Radiostar and I did a bare metal resto on that. It worked first go, which was pretty amazing since I had to strip down the IFT mica trimmers to get the mouse excrement out.. If you read up, are careful and methodical you can do it.

You'll probably need a signal generator to align it when you get it all back together. I have a spare AWA one from the 30s that you can have - it also runs on batteries. If you want it, I'll pull it out, treat it to new batteries and check its calibration.

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