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Written at 06:10:23 on Sunday, 3rd December, 2017. 


This page contains links to many other Vintage Radio websites, mainly dedicated to the receivers in many of the well-known collections.

American Valve Radios
Here are some old "All American 5" AM tube radios, and a few solid state ones courtesy of Vintage Radio & Television member, WA2ISE.

Australian Vintage Radio Society
A fairly new vintage radio club accepting new members, issuing a bi-monthly newsletter and offering the usual services you would expect from such an organisation - access to a valve and radio component bank, swap meets, regular society meetings, etc.

Best Radios
Rod Smith is back with a new domain and a new site. Well worth a look.

Communications Museum
Part of the personal website of an electronics engineer. Many radios are pictured here along with other unrelated equipment.

The Historial Radio Society of Australia
Based in Mt Waverley, Victoria, The HRSA is probably the most eminent association dealing with the subject of Vintage Radio. I really should try and regain my membership, they have some pretty invaluable resources and membership also lets you participate in the swapmeets where receivers can be acquired at fairly reasonable prices.

Historical Wireless Society of South East Queensland
The Historical Wireless Society of South East Queensland is a well-organised association with a similar role to the HRSA.

Kevin Chant
Kevin Chant - a collector's website containing photos, information and circuit diagrams for many popular receivers from Australia and overseas.

Museudo Radio
A website based in Brazil but written in English. More than 150 restored radios are in display here.

Peter's Radio Gallery
Another site dedicated to a collector's wares. This site has a very impressive display of Fisk Radiolettes and some associated Radiolette novelty items.

Phil Storr's Radio Projects
A site dedicated to the restoration of some of Australia's most collectable receivers.

Radio Collectors
A group of radio collectors centralised on Yahoo!7, a leading social networking website.

Reg Gauci's Radios
Reg Gauci's vintage radio website, lots of pictures.

Teletronics Australia
A display of vintage televisions, valves and electrical insulators.

Vintage Wireless
A new website covering the restoration of those classic late 1940's and early 1950's four-valve mantel sets.