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Please excuse the dust! Vintage Radio is currently being renovated however all services, including the forums are still operating. Access these as per usual.

Following the recent move to a brand new server, Vintage Radio & Television is being recoded to improve performance and resolve a bug that has affected site reliability for several months. During this work there will be no visual changes to the site. This work is being carried out on the 'back end' --- the code that drives the site's functions, including the forums.

The changes are being made to make the site load faster, remove some un-needed clutter and improve reliability. You will notice a few things missing from the front page from here on, however all linked content remains accessible from the forums home page. Just click the Discussion Forums link above to go there.

Once this work is complete, the next task will be a complete review of all static content. Much of this does receive a regular update though some has existed unchanged since the site first appeared in 2003. Please be patient as things get finalised.

Receiver of the week

Receiver of the week - Philco
Click on the image to see larger photo.

Brand: Philco.
Model: .
Valves: 1C7G, 1M5G, 1K7G, 1L5G.
Year of manufacture: 1946.
Place of manufacture: Camperdown, NSW.

Time and Date

Official time: 23:12 (GMT + 11)
Saturday, 21st October, 2017.

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