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Latest site news - 9th December.

Welcome to the new Vintage Radio website. As you will notice, we are in the middle of a transition from the old to the new and this will take some more time yet to complete. The first thing you should notice is that the new system loads pages much, much quicker than the old one does. This is because it operates on a far more modern system. More on the technical side of things at a later date.

It is anticipated that the forums will re-open for normal business on Tuesday, 19th December at about 18:00 hrs, NSW DST. The site's current structure will remain in place over the Christmas break and work will continue on development of the new forums early in the new year. There are a few things to tidy up before the 19th as far as completing the static content on the new site (to make any non-working links start working correctly) and the site's colour scheme are concerned but I am not expecting any issues with this. Members will be asked to visit the forums page to sign in until this function has been added to the new system. The site will continue to 'remember' members who have opted for this when they log in.

Again, in advance, I will wish all members and guests a Merry Christmas and hopefully at some time very soon I can get the forums rolling again.

Counting down the days...
Brad Leet, Site Administrator.