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 Information update
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I draw the attention of members and guests to two of the links at the bottom of the page, they being Copyright and Privacy. The Copyright document has been added today and comes into force as of this moment. The Privacy Policy has been updated to suit a few small changes that have recently been undertaken, particularly as it is now a requirement for new members to include their city/town of residence when applying for membership. The changes to the Privacy Policy come into force immediately but the changes do not apply retrospectively but do apply to all future events, eg: changing personal details.

After seven years there is still no Terms of Use document however this is being worked on and will appear at a later date. I've never seen the need to include one, particularly before the discussion forums were introduced however it will become necessary in future for legal reasons as we all have certain obligations when posting information on the Internet. A Terms of Use document will assist with awareness of these requirements and aren't intended to place restrictions on what members have enjoyed here on Vintage Radio in the past.

When introduced, the Terms of Use will be as basic as possible and not mirroring the lengthy and unbearable Terms of Use documents seen on many corporate websites. More information on this as it comes to hand.


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