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 Inclusion of images in forum posts
 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 23:25 on 13 May 2009.
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One of the more common questions from members is how to include images in posts on the forums. To date this hasn't been possible - I've deliberately left this feature out due to some security concerns that used to exist with certain file types.

I am going on holidays for a week as of tomorrow but promise to return with a solution. In the next week or so I will enable Image Link tags on the forums and this will enable members to link directly to images they own on their own websites or image hosting services.

For those wanting their images embedded directly in their posts you will still need to e-mail your images to me for inclusion for the time-being. Many images that get submitted are far too large for inclusion and I need to re-size them before uploading them to the server. This remains the only real problem - if a member uploads an image that is too big for the forum template it will take the website out of its correct alignment. Once I work out a way around this I will be able to allow members to upload images directly and then link to them as they post comments.

I will see you all in about a week. Wink

Update: The inclusion of forum support for [img]Image Link[/img] tags is complete. Please remember that all formatting tags MUST be in lower case lettering, for example: [img] will work but [IMG] will not.

The format for the new tags is as follows: [img]http://url.to.your.image.goes.here/image.jpg[/img].

If you make a mistake do not panic. Shock I check all new threads and comments almost daily and can edit things as needed. Soon all members will be able to edit mistakes in their own posts - that is the next task on the to-do list. Smoke


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