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 Vintage Radio live chat
 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 05:10 on 9 May 2009.
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For as long as this website has existed there has been an accompanying chat room where members and visitors can talk to each other in real time although I've never taken a moment to link to it because I've not been sure about how well it would be used.

However, as of tomorrow night; Sunday, 10th May, 2009; you will be able to enter the official Vintage Radio chat room at any time of the day and talk to anyone else in the room about your vintage radios or about anything worthwhile.

There is no software to download to use the chatroom. It will open up in your web browser just like this page is. To talk you just type and press enter. For the more tech-savvy, the use of IRC2-compatible chat programmes, like mIRC and X-Chat, is also possible.

Chat rooms run like chat forums and as such there will be a few things to remember:

1. Play nice - It's okay to think differently, we live in a democracy.
2. Keep foul language to an absolute minimum.
3. No advertising, unless your resource is vintage radio-related and requested by someone.

If the room gains popularity I will appoint some willing volunteers as hosts to manage the chatroom's affairs though we can discuss this at a later date. In the mean-time, please watch out for the new live chat link and enjoy this new free facility.

Update: The chatroom is now in operation and it can be accessed from the main links bar above, where the SHOP link used to be. Please note that this is at experimental stage at the moment and some refinements may be carried out at a later stage but for now, things are working well.


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