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 Site changes
 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 01:06 on 29 March 2009.
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A few changes have been made to Vintage Radio over this weekend. There has been a problem in the past with new members abbreviating place names when registering here and despite requests on the application form many people have still abbreviated the name of their home state and in fewer cases their home country as well. Whilst I realise that this could be happening subconsciously as it is definitely much easier to type NSW instead of New South Wales, for example, doing this does horrible things to the forums - many features and graphic elements rely on correct spelling and unfortunately this cannot be avoided.

To fix things up and keep both administrator and new members happy the registration form will now tell you if you need to change anything relating to place name abbreviations and acronyms for the State/Territory field. The Country field has been changed from a text box to a drop down list so it is a simple matter of clicking on the dropdown menu and choosing where you live from a database of around 200 names - nice and easy. Smile

A bug in the form that has allowed more than one member to use the same username has been fixed. Thankfully this bug didn't cause any problems but was noticed when an existing member opened a second account in the same name in the last week or so. No problems - this has been sorted on the database. However if a member forgets their password they can easily retrieve it using the Lost Password facility that can be accessed from the Members' Sidebar. If you are logged out the link to this facility will be visible but if you are logged in it will be hidden to make room for links to member-only functions. The lost password facility will ask you for your username and the e-mail address you used when registering. Your password will be automatically sent to this address providing it and your username have been entered correctly.

One last new feature that has been long-promised but is currently being worked on is a member details update facility. This will allow members to update some of their personal information, such as e-mail addresses, passwords, avatar image location, etc. This will be rolled out very soon.

One small change that you may have noticed over the last few weeks is the rollout of new images for the Radio of the Week. These are being introduced steadily to compliment the existing ones that have been repeated over the last year or so. Soon there will be 53 radios in this database, allowing a new receiver to be seen each week. Later in the year an extra 53 radios will be added, including a number of consoles, to provide added variety.

I have decided to re-introduce the receiver restoration articles that appeared on the previous version of Vintage Radio and I'm not really sure why I forgot about them when the current site was rolled out. One article is now back and the other two are being edited for clarity and relevance and will appear once this work is done. A number of new articles will then follow.


A valve a day keeps the transistor away...

 Return to top of page · Post #: 2 · Written at 20:20 on 31 March 2009.
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