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 Site Upgrades and Improvements
 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 18:16 on 2 July 2014.
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On Sunday, 6th July the password retrieval service will not be available nor will I be contactable via e-mail. I have scheduled this day for a major upgrade to the mail service which will involve a lengthy outage. The site and forums will still be available though.

On Sunday, 13th July the webmail form some members have enabled on their profile pages will be upgraded to suit the new mail server. During this time the form will be hidden on those profile pages where it is enabled.

On Sunday, 20th July there will be some minor improvements made to some of the forms on this site, particularly those that indicate character limitations. Currently, any form fields where a limit is in place for the number of characters entered displays a number that changes with each character typed (at the right side of each field). However, these numbers are not labelled so it may not be obvious to some as to what the number means. These numbers also only show if you have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

On Sunday, 27th July the permitted format for passwords will be tightened up which will prohibit certain words, phrases and letter/numeral patterns being used in passwords. The reasons for this are obvious, have been recently discussed and don't need to be repeated. The number of permitted characters in a password will also be changed to improve security. Currently the minimum number of characters in a password is 7. This will be lifted to 8. The maximum number of characters is 20 and this will be lifted to 32. Members who have a password that will become prohibited after this date will not be required to change it however when you change a password voluntarily in future then the new limits will apply.

UPDATE: The changes mentioned in paragraphs 1, 3 and 4 have been completed. The task in paragraph 2 is proving difficult and I am considering ditching the e-mail form, leaving members with the simpler option of either keeping their e-mail addresses hidden or being able to show them on their profile page. This is the norm on most forums and the e-mail form here was merely a third option when the mail system permitted transmission of messages without authentication. I'll provide further information on this once a final decision has been made.

With regard to passwords, when opening an account here or changing your password there are new guidelines for the format of passwords. Some are optional and others are now mandatory. Some of the mandatory changes are:-

1. Passwords must be between 8 and 32 characters long, inclusive.
2. There is now a bar on certain strings of characters including the brand names of valve radios, the word "radio" itself, certain sequences of numbers and other words commonly used as passwords, such as "holden", "ford" and the numbers "123" and "69". These are just examples, many other similar strings of characters are also barred to enforce the Acceptable Use Policy. Members are not obliged to change their passwords if the new policy conflicts with them and all accounts will continue to operate as normal however a change is definitely recommended in such cases.


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