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 Robot attacks and excessive registrations
 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 21:30 on 15 September 2011.
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This seems to be a part of life on the Internet these days - over the last week or so this website has been attacked by advertising robots and I have just spent the best part of two hours closing accounts and making subtle changes to the registration pages to try and block future automated signups. Unfortunately this doesn't always work but we'll wait and see.

On an unrelated subject - there are a small number of members who have more than one account. People sign up for extra accounts for a number of reasons and some are innocent enough however there is no real need to do this. Spare accounts worry site administrators for a number of reasons:-

1. They can be used by a hostile member to evade a ban or other restriction.
2. They consume extra space in the database.
3. Confusion is created when a member posts in a thread using more than one username.

For these and other reasons I ask all members of Vintage Radio and Television to operate only one account here. Changing usernames on forums is not normally possible for good reason and as such you should choose your username carefully before registering, however all members are able to change other details, including e-mail addresses and passwords, by visiting their profile page and scrolling down to the appropriate links.

Additionally, if you forget your password you are able to retrieve it using the password retrieval service. A link to this is in the sidebar when you are logged out.

As all members will know, I am not big on strict enforcement of rules and policies and would rather not resort to enforcing the above request with changes to how the registration form operates so I will simply ask that members keep this level of leniency and lattitude in mind - one of the big strengths of this place is the fact that we all get along well and manage to share knowledge without the need for a large staff of moderators.

I look forward to this continuing. Wink


A valve a day keeps the transistor away...

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