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 Some bugs are cleared up
 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 17:53 on 6 February 2011.
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This weekend I have been working behind the scenes to fix up some annoying bugs on the site.

Firstly, it was reported through the week that the anti-spam function that inserts an image of an . sign to replace the text version was not doing its thing. This has been sorted. That said I encourage all members to go a step further with this by not including e-mail addresses or phone numbers (including mobile numbers) in their posts. Instead it is best to visit your profile page and enable visibilty of either your e-mail address or a web e-mail form, both of which can only be seen by members and only when they are logged in. This provides an extra layer of protection against spammers.

The above is not a rule, more of a guideline and members may continue to place their own contact details in their posts if they wish though this would be done with the understanding that the member takes responsibility for how this information gets used.

On a related note, I have fixed the e-mail contact form I spoke about before. This has not been working since I was met with the need to shift Vintage Radio to another server. The newer server operates on Windows 2008 and despite promises from Microsoft not to deprecate the Classic ASP environment it appears that this is pretty much a done deal.

The e-mail form is now powered by an ASP.NET script. For those not conversant with web development this simply means that the script is running current coding technology.

One other bug that has needed looking at for a long time is the post counter, which depending on the mood it is in it adds to everyone's post count instead of just the member posting. Attention will be paid to this over the next week or so.


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