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The Brands. Just how many companies were there?
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The Brands of Vintage Radios

On this page you will see lists of the brand names of radios made during the valve era. Whilst this website deals mainly with the Australian industry, I have placed the brands I know about from not only Australia but also Great Britain, Germany, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America for informational purposes.

Please note that company names that appear more than once are not necessarily linked to each other. Nor are all companies listed. In the case of Europe and the United States there were simply so many manufacturers that it isn't possible to list them all here. In other cases in all lists, there many also be companies that I am not yet aware of. The companies listed below were either radio manufacturers, manufacturers of radio parts or both.

As said, these lists are currently unfinished and will certainly be added to in due course so be sure to re-visit.

Australia & New Zealand

Great Britain & Europe

Canada & United States

Admiral AU
Aegis AU
Aeradio AU
Airway AU
Airzone AU
Airmaster AU
Aristone AU
Astor AU
Breville AU
Brico AU
Briton AU
Cadet AU
Calstan AU
Classic AU
Chieftain AU
Columbus NZ
Conlon AU
Courtenay NZ
Crosley AU
Croyden AU
Denradio AU
Eclipse AU
Electrosound AU
Elroy AU
Essanay AU
Emmco AU
Federal AU
Ferris AU
Genalex AU
Healing AU
Hotpoint AU
Howard AU
Kingsley AU
Kriesler AU
Lekmek AU
Marconiphone AU
Maxwell AU
Monarch AU
Mullard AU
Operadio AU
Operatic AU
Pacemaker AU
Peal AU
Peter Pan AU
Philco AU
Philips AU
Precedent AU
President AU
Pye AU
RCS Radio AU
Reliance AU
Slade AU
Stromberg Carlson AU
Seyon AU
Tasma AU
Technico AU
Ultimate AU
Weldon AU
York AU
Zenith AU

Aeriola DE
Aerophon GB
Ahemo DE
Akkord DE
Amplion GB
Apparatabau US
Argus Radiowerk DE
Becker DE
Blacombe GB
Blaupunkt DE
Blohm DE
Brandt DE
Braun DE
Brown GB
Burndept GB
Bush GB
Continental DE
Cossor GB
Daimon DE
Decca GB
Deradio DE
Deutch Radiophon DE
Dreipunkt DE
Dual DE
Dynacord DE
Ekco GB
Elac DE
Electro-Shalt-Werk DE
Elmug DE
Emud DE
Euratele DE
Ever Ready GB
Falk GB
Fellows GB
Ferguson GB
Ferranti GB
Funwerk DE
Gamage GB
General Radio GB
Gerufon DE
Graetz DE
Graves GB
Grundig DE
Hacker Radio GB
Homebrew GB
Huth DE
Ilse DE
ITT Schaub DE
Kaiser DE
Kolster-Brandes GB
Korting DE
Kuba DE
Loewe DE
Lorenze DE
Lumophon DE
Marconi GB
McMichael GB
Mende DE
Metro-Vickers GB
Metz DE
Mullard GB
Murphy GB
Nora DE
Nordmende DE
Owin DE
Philco GB
Philips GB, DE US
Pilot GB
Pye GB
Reico DE
Rosita DE
Roberts GB
Saba DE
Seibt DE
Siemens DE
Sterling GB
Stern DE
Telefunken DE
Ultra Electric GB
Vidor GB
Wega DE

AC Dayton US
Acme US
Acratest US
Adams Morgan US
Addison CA
Admiral US
Air King US
Air-Way US
Alden US
All American US
Allied US
American Bosch US
Amrad US
Andrea US
Ansley US
Anylite US
Apex US
Argus US
Arvin US
Atwater Kent US
Audiola US
Autocrat US
Automatic Radio US
Baldwin US
Balkeit US
Baltimore US
Belmont US
Bendix US
Bogen US
Branston US
Bremer-Tully US
Browning-Drake US
Brunswick US
Buckingham US
Buick US
Bulova US
Bush & Lane US
Cadillac US
Canadian Marconi CA
Canadian Westinghouse CA
Capehart US
Cardinal US
Carteret US
Case Electric US
CBS Columbia US
Century US
Champion US
Chelsea US
Chevrolet US
Clapp Eastham US
Cleartone US
Climax US
Coast to Coast US
Colin B Kennedy US
Colonial US
Columbia Phono US
Commonwealth US
Concord US
Consolidated US
Continental US
Coronet US
Cosmotone US
Crescent US
Crosley US
DeForest US
Delco US
Detrola US
DeWald US
Diamond US
Distantone US
Diva US
Dominion CA
Drake US
Duck US
Dumont US
Eagle US
Echophone US
Edison Thomas US
Electronic Corp US
Emerson US
Empire US
Espey US
Fada US
Fairbanks US
Falck US
Farnsworth US
Federal US
Ferguson US
Firestone US
Fischer US
Fisher US
Flint US
Freed US
Freshman US
Gamble-Skogmo US
Garod US
Gates US
General Motors US
General US
Gilfillan US
Goodyear Tyre US
Grebe US
Grigsby-Grunow US
Hallicrafters US
Hammerlund US
Heath US
Hoffman US
Howard US
Hewlett Packard US
Indiana US
International US
Kennedy US
King US
Kolster-Brandes US
Lafayette US
Magnavox US
Majestic US
Marksman CA
Marquette US
Midwest US
Montgomery Ward US
Motorola US
National US
Olympic US
Packard Bell US
Philco CA, US
Philips CA
Pilot US
Sears Roebuck US
Sentinel US
Simplex US
Stewart Warner US
Stromberg Carlson CA, US
Sylvania US
Wells-Gardner US
Western Electric US
Westinghouse US
Zenith US

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