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Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

Updated on Monday, 28th December, 2015 at 21:30:00.

Vintage Radio & Television is committed to protecting any information you supply. Our record for this remains unquestioned after more than five years online.

What information does this site collect from you?

When you open a membership account you need to supply certain information so that the site recognises you as the owner of the account. Required information includes your username, password, a valid e-mail address and the country and locality you live in. You are required to supply a valid e-mail address for the following reasons:

  • In order for the administrator to communicate with you regarding any urgent matters.
  • In order for you to retrieve your password if you have lost it.
  • In order for the system to recognise your account activation attempt (in cases where this function is enabled).

All e-mail addresses are kept from view at all times, except where a user has chosen to make an e-mail address public, via a function on this site that allows it. At no time is any member's e-mail address used to send unsolicited advertising and under no circumstances is any member's e-mail address loaned, sold or otherwise provided to any third party for any reason. If the law of a competent jurisdiction requires it, information held by this website may be submitted to a law enforcement authority as permitted by that law.

You may optionally provide further information such as a brief biography, a signature for use on the forums and a small image (real or animated) which makes identifying you easier when posting messages on the forums. More information on the technical aspects of these functions are located in the forum guidelines. All of this optional information is displayed in every post you make on the forums.

What information does this site collect automatically?

When you visit this website your computer provides some small pieces of generic information which does not in itself personally identify you. Your computer's Internet (IP) address, the time, the day, the date, your operating system and web browser versions and your broswer's language settings are sent by your browser and are recorded in a database. This information allows the administrator to study where visitors come from and their usage patterns whilst on this website and to help plan improvements to content, navigation and site layout. At no stage is any tracking software distributed by this website for any reason.

What are cookies and does this website require users to accept them?

Cookies are tiny text files which store certain information. Like anything, sometimes they can be abused and exploited for unethical purposes such as tracking your movements on the Internet and setting you up to receive targetted advertising which is something you really do not need or want. You are not required to receive cookies to browse this website. However if you wish to become a member and contribute to the forums then your computer must accept cookies. The cookie from this website only contains enough information so that you can be verified as a member. At no stage are your movements elsewhere on the Internet monitored for any reason.


We don't like being spammed and we know that you don't as well. Please rest assured that the owner of this website is committed to protecting your privacy at all times.

Helpful hints to protect your identity

The following information will assist you with protecting your identity and information.

  • It is better to choose a nickname for your username rather than your full name.
  • If providing an avatar (the small pictures you see in forum posts) it is better to supply an animated picture or a photo of an object rather than your own portrait.
  • Never ever divulge your password to anyone. There will never be a good enough reason for doing-so. The site's administrator will never ask you for your password.
  • Don't be too exacting when providing your locality. For example, if you live in Rosebery then say you live in Sydney. If you live in Meriwether then say you live in Newcastle.

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