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Back in time - our old sites
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Vintage Radio - Back in time

Below are a couple of screenshots which show what Vintage Radio once looked like. Please click on the images shown to view the full-sized versions.

The first Vintage Radio site

This was the first site. For a long time it sat and achieved very little as I had not had a lot of time on my hands to spread the word about it. For a first effort it wasn't too bad though.

The second Vintage Radio site

This second version of Vintage Radio really kicked things off. A brand new design and a ten-fold increase in content as well as submissions to search engines and hundreds of web directories, along with a plug in a paragraph from Silicon Chip Magazine's excellent Vintage Radio column made Vintage Radio a website coming close to national icon status. This version of the site also gave birth to the message boards which have been successful, though a little on the quiet side, which was to be expected when considering the niche hobby that the site deals with.

The third Vintage Radio site

The third site introduced a services directory and many technical innovations including the first true dynamic metadata generator in the world - an SEO-related idea that is used by thousands of sites around the world now.

The fourth Vintage Radio site

The fourth site introduced a wider template. The first three sites were 800 pixels wide though the increase led to the site being 985 pixels wide to allow larger photos to be published on the forums. Later, the forums were redesigned to allow even larger photos to be published.

The existing design goes further by accounting for people who use large monitors by expanding the width of the site further to 1241 pixels, allowing still larger photos to be published.

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