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Site changes - Sunday, 9th July

On Sunday, 9th July there will be a rework of the front page of this website as part of preparations for a shift of the site to a new hostin... More

System Maintenance

On Sunday, 5th March there will be a site outage for the purpose of carrying out system maintenance.

At the same time I am goin... More

Equipment upgrades programme

Recently I mentioned elsewhere that soon the host server for this website would be replaced. This is still in the pipeline and will be done ... More

Site Maintenance - Sunday, 26th June

At around 08:00 on Sunday, 26th June, there will be a loss of access to the site for about one hour. The database will receive a small upgra... More

Timeline for the closure of narrow site

A few weeks ago I made an idle comment regarding plans to close down the narrow version of this site - still in use by a few members who hav... More

Privacy Policy receives an update

Tonight I have revised and updated the privacy policy to reflect changes made to this website in the last few years. The last review was in ... More

Major server maintenance - Sunday, 20th December, 2015

The work outlined below is now complete.

On Sunday, 20th December the site's host server will be taken offline for it's annual ... More

Loss of power - Friday, 23rd October, 2015

Due to the need for a power pole replacement on the site where the host server for Vintage Radio & Television is located there will b... More

Site and server maintenance - Saturday, 4th July

On Saturday, 4th July, 2015 there will be some site maintenance carried out. This will take place between 08:00 and 12:00 and at times the d... More

Site compatibility with Windows 10 and Edge

As some may know, Windows 10 will be released to the general public on the 29th July. With this new operating system we will see, amongst ot... More

Site work - 30th May, 2015

This weekend I will be doing some maintenance work on the site. I will also be finalising a feature suggested for the front page forum by me... More

Server maintenance - 22nd March, 2015

Update: New date announced...

On Sunday, 22nd March, 2015 the website will not be available between 09:00 and 12:... More

Vintage Radio & Television Service Directory

As part of an annual maintenance programme, the Services Directory on this site receives a review to enable only relevant and current inform... More

Site maintenance

On Sunday, 12th October between 08:00 and 10:00 (GMT + 11) there will be a 30 minute loss of write-access to the forums for the purpose of a... More

A step to the future of interactive websites

Today I announce the introduction of Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL) on Vintage Radio & Television. As of today all members will be abl... More

Site upgrade

Update: The work outlined below is complete and comments can once again be submitted to the forums.

To allow a couple of new fe... More

Updated details - Services Directory

The Services Directory has been given an update today with updates to contact details, removal of old submissions and the addition of a new ... More

New wider Vintage Radio site

Please read my comments in Post #7 for information on today's changes.

The work outlined below will now continue on Sunday, 7th... More

Proposal to widen the fixed width of this website

Some time ago I asked members to let me know what screen resolution they use and whether or not they run their web browsers fully maximised ... More

Some things look different

Some of you may have noticed the inclusion of avatars in forum thread listings today. This is part of a small visual upgrade I am doing arou... More

Site Upgrades and Improvements

On Sunday, 6th July the password retrieval service will not be available nor will I be contactable via e-mail. I have scheduled this day for... More

Important Notice

All of the work outlined below has been completed.

The servers that support this website are due to be shifted to a new locatio... More

The toolbar

The site's toolbar is currently not displaying correctly in the Safari and Firefox web browsers. I will try and fix this in the next day or ... More

Server maintenance 24th May

So that Windows updates and other software maintenance can be carried out, there will be a total network outage that will affect this site o... More

Site software upgrade today

I've been carrying out some site maintenance today and decided to do a few small changes on the sidebar and these are as follows:-

New name for Radio of the Week

As per my previous announcements in reply to suggestions that we include television receivers as featur... More

Equipment upgrades - Part 3

The maintenance work set out below has been completed.

Between Monday, 23rd December and Friday, 27th December I will be replac... More

Equipment upgrades - Part 2

The maintenance work set out below has been completed.

In the coming week I will be replacing some network wiring that connects... More

Equipment upgrades - Part 1

The maintenance work set out below has been completed.

Over the last week or so I have replaced the modems that connect the ser... More

System Maintenance - 19th October

The maintenance work set out below has been completed.

Over the last weekend one of the network switches that connect the web s... More

Server Maintenance - Completed

The maintenance work set out below has been completed.

This website will be unavailable on Sunday, 6th October from 08:00 to 16... More

Password retrieval service

I am pleased to announce that as of tonight (22nd June, 201Sleepy the password r... More

We're stuck on you!

It had to happen eventually. At about 17:36 yesterday all the servers I operate were powered off though I didn't discover this until informe... More

Notice of changes to AUP

There have been a number of alterations and additions to the Acceptable Use Policy. I would encourage all m... More

Database preparations for the new website

Over the last couple of months I have been working to get the next version of this website set up so that it can start taking information fr... More

Upgrades to Vintage Radio and Television

Over the next few weeks there will be a few changes and improvements to this website. The following small list is a guide as to what will ha... More

E-mail issues

There is currently a problem with me receiving e-mail and this pretty much means that anything sent in the last week or so will not have arr... More

We are back

A hard disc failure seems to have put us out of action again. However we are back online with a new disc and two days ahead of the planned r... More

Network maintenance

On Sunday, 29th January, Vintage Radio and Television will be unavailable between 09:00 and 12:00, NSW time, due to necessary server ... More

Welcome to 2012

Last night I spent about fifteen minutes on the Gladesville Bridge in Sydney taking photos of the New Year fireworks on the harbour. I was j... More

Site downtime

On Saturday, 31st December between 07:00 and 11:00 Vintage Radio and Television will be offline so that annual server maintenance can... More

Merry Christmas to all...

It's that time of year again where, hopefully, we are all making plans fo... More

New thread display page and new forum guidelines

There are a couple of announcements relating to forum usage.

New thread display page:

On Sunday, ... More

Changes to site behaviour

Recently a new feature was rolled out on the forums that allow members to see when new comments have been added to a thread. This is by way ... More

Robot attacks and excessive registrations

This seems to be a part of life on the Internet these days - over the last week or so this website has been attacked by advertising robots a... More

Site improvements

Over the last week or so I noticed some blank posts being added on the forums, usually following a post which does contain content. Members ... More

Network outage

The first thing all regulars to Vintage Radio and Television will notice is that this site has been unreachable for a number of days.... More

Respect electricity and you will live longer

A /vintage-radio.com.au/default.asp?f=1&th=321">recent forum thread has highlight... More

Network connection upgrade in progress

Many will not notice much of a difference however it is likely that there will be a slight loss of speed here on Vintage Radio and Televisio... More

Some bugs are cleared up

This weekend I have been working behind the scenes to fix up some annoying bugs on the site.

Firstly, it was reported through t... More

Vintage Radio to get a new name

In the next couple of months it is my intention to modify the name of Vintage Radio to account for an apparent increase in interest i... More

New features and radios of the week

The last week or so has been quite busy. Not only is work busy but things aren't idle at home either. This week I began the development of a... More

Merry Christmas to members and guests

This is the time of year that Vintage Radio goes into Christmas mode. All member services on the site will of course still be avail... More

Information update

I draw the attention of members and guests to two of the links at the bottom of the page, they being Copyright and Privacy. The Copyright do... More

New features

Recently I have been asked to add a number of new features to Vintage Radio. Whilst some are proving a bit of a problem to roll out, ... More

Articles by members are welcome

Last night I linked to the first of hopefully many articles written by our members. It is titled More

Valve manufacture - the Mullard way

Many of us have probably seen the two-part video on Youtube of a French (I think) chap making diode valves in his own workshop. Links to the... More

Gravatar support to roll out on Vintage Radio

Members who have a Gravatar account (and at least one of you do, as I found in testing this afternoon) or for those that have been thinking ... More

New features to be included

In response to the forums becoming more popular I would like to add a couple of nifty features that should make navigation to the threads th... More

New e-mail policy

Recently I have found that spam arriving in my inbox has started to increase. Many members will note that I have posted my e-mail address nu... More

Facelift for the forums

Over the next few days I will be making a few small visual changes to the forums. This is intended only to provide a fresher look for the ne... More

Radio of the Week to feature members' radios

Before Christmas one of our fellow members came to me with the idea that members be able to contribute pictures of their radios to feature i... More

Plans for 2010

Some of you will have already noticed the two small features rolled out this week, they being the inclusion of forum signatures for the firs... More

New site features

As of midnight tonight there are two new features on the Vintage Radio forums.

The first allows those who have included ... More

Merry Christmas to members and guests

We are almost at the end of another year and many of us are left wondering why time goes quicker as we get older. Still, we are drawing clos... More

Live Chat - Saturday, 5th December at 20:30

There will be a live chat on the night of Saturday, 5th December, starting at 20:30 and will go for an hour (or longer if necessary) and wil... More

Live chat - 19th September at 20:30

On the night of Saturday, 19th September at 20:30 (NSW time) I will be hosting a live chat for members and guests in the Vintage RadioMore

New host server to be installed tomorrow morning

Tomorrow morning (Sunday, 6th September) this site will be unavailable for about one hour whilst the host server is decommissioned and then ... More

Members: Are you having difficulty in posting comments?

I've recently received some feedback that the comments system on the forum is giving a slow response at times - to the point that sometimes ... More

Inclusion of images in forum posts

One of the more common questions from members is how to include images in posts on the forums. To date this hasn't been possible - I've deli... More

Web slices come to Vintage Radio

Tonight I have added the ability to subscribe to individual front page articles via Microsoft web slices. Web slices work a little like RSS ... More

Vintage Radio live chat

For as long as this website has existed there has been an accompanying chat room where members and visitors can talk to each other in real t... More

More site tweaks

You may now notice that the four new forums that were rolled out just on a week ago are back. This time they are working flawlessly and I ho... More

Centre of attention

With a week of web development out of the road I turned my attention to restoring a recent purchase and as can be seen in the photo, things ... More

Another two forums opened overnight

I think it is time that Vintage Radio started to expand to cater for other branches of vintage receiving equipment, including but not... More

New forums coming soon

I have decided to introduce three new forums to Vintage Radio. One will be called Websites and Collections and will be there t... More

Site changes

A few changes have been made to Vintage Radio over this weekend. There has been a problem in the past with new members abbreviating p... More

Vintage radios on television

Many television programmes saw opportunities for vintage radios to have starring roles. One show that comes to mind is The Sullivans ... More

Alterations and additions

A site member wrote to me the other day to tell me they could not view their e-mail address in their member profile. I am pleased to announc... More

Murphy's Law

Vintage Radio is back. There seems to have been a problem with the server through last week and with me being out of town for Christm... More

Merry Christmas to all

The sun will soon set on another year in our lifetimes however as this happens we enter a season that hopefully will be filled with immense ... More

Site down time

Today I will be installing a new database system on the host server for a new website that I am building. This means that there will be a sm... More

Replica radios - their place in collections

Replica valve radios have been commonplace for a very long time now, typically about twenty years. They have been available for this length ... More

National Radio & Phono Fest

The National Radio and Phono Fest will reconvene in Canberra on the 13th and 14th September 2008. For more information please visit the More

Domain blockages due to spam

Over the last view months this website has been the target of a number of spam attacks - big ones. Unfortunately it does look like the owner... More

New books released

Recently I started purchasing some books put out by Steve Savell in Western Australia. These books contain pictures of many Australian radio... More

Site maintenance

On Saturday, 28th June the Vintage Radio Forums will go offline for up to eight hours to allow some re-engineering work to be carried out. I... More

Half-yearly site news

I don't really know why I didn't include this much sooner as it is quite a handy function and has been asked for a number of times in the la... More

Ebay to restrict payments to PayPal only

A lot has been said recently regarding Ebay's decision to ban sellers and buyers agreeing on their own payment methods for goods and service... More

Vintage Radio 4

Late tonight Vintage Radio will go offline for about an hour whilst a new template is installed. This template will give Vintage R... More

E-mail issues and new site

Currently my mail server is not behaving itself. I am continuing to try and find what the fault it but at the moment I can receive mail but ... More

Network upgrade

Today a new faster connection was installed to make Vintage Radio load faster on your machine. This increase in speed is the first of... More

Happy New Year

I am back from a well-earned break, well I thought so anyway, and I will take this time to wish all visitors to Vintage Radio a happy... More

Christmas present

Today I received an AWA Radiolette made in 1948 which is some sort of aqua or turquoise colour - a very rare situation indeed. It is a guess... More

New radio society

Whilst reading the Letters page in the November issue of Silicon Chip I noticed a letter from the President of the Australian Vint... More

Batteries used in valve radios

I have added the first new tutorial here in a very long time. It is a fairly brief article but interesting none-the-less, to do with some of... More

Advertising posters for radios

I read an article on advertising in The Daily Telegraph yesterday and it featured, among other things, an ad for the model 516M AWA R... More

AWA's latest plans

I was directed to an article on the website of The Sydney Morning Herald tonight regarding expansion plans by technology company, AWA... More

Vintage Radio to get a makeover

I've decided to give this site a bit of a makeover and this will take place very soon. You'll see a new look and there will be at least ten ... More

Video - Great Australian Radio

I had the pleasure of buying and viewing the video called Great Australian Radio which has been put together by Perth collector Steve... More

Happy Birthday 2CH

Sydney radio station, 2CH, went to air on the 5th February in 1932 with a temporary 1000 watt transmitter manufactured in Germany by Telefun... More

Valves versus Solid State

This article is somewhat political but is about as political as I want any content on this website to be though the particular issue to be d... More

It's a bit late but...

Happy new year to everyone.

I am about to try and get some parts for a Model 27 Fisk Radiolette, namely a dial escutcheon and a... More

Merry Christmas

Vintage Radio will take a brief break for the celebration of Christmas and until January 2007 there will be no new threads. Member contribut... More

Radio Auction

There will be an auction of valve radios in Echuca, Victoria on the 10th December. Please click More

New item on the wish list

I need an escutcheon and dial glass for a 1934 AWA Radiolette which is pictured below. I would like to restore this set very soon and will n... More

Has anyone got an unwanted valve tester?

I am in the market for an unwanted but working valve tester. It doesn't have to be a vintage machine though this is preferable, however the ... More

Wish list has returned

I have relinked to the wish list I had on the old site.

T... More

Added an article on listener's licencing

Tonight I have added an article on listener's licencing and sealed sets.

There will be a permanent link to it in the Tutoria... More

It's an oldie but...

Many readers will know about a shop called Resurrection Radio, a little shop in Ashburton, Victoria, that deals with the sale and servicing ... More

New radios acquired

Last weekend I drove to Queensland to pick up three great looking radios that I won on Ebay. Pictures will be here over the weekend!
<... More

Small updates to site

I have recently re-written the 'About' page so please have a read to ensure you are up to date with the latest information about this websit... More

HRSA Website back up

Some of you may recall my recent enquiry as to what happened to the website belonging to the Historical Radio Society of Australia. It is pl... More

New domain name purchased

As part of Vintage Radio's growth strategy a new domain licence has been purchased and this will mean that will br... More

Forum has received a bugfix

Today I found a bug in a recent forum upgrade that prevented people from posting. This has been fixed and all forums should be working now.<... More

Vintage Radio Forums are open for business

At long last the Vintage Radio forums are open. Click the 'forum' at the main menu to access them.

As on the previous site, the... More

New site work

I've been a little busy with moving house recently which will explain the delays at getting the Vintage Radio forums active again tho... More

Welcome to the new site

As you can see, Vintage Radio has just received its second major redesign since the site's beginnings in 2003. To see screenshots of ... More

Vintage Radio to get a makeover

It is time to give Vintage Radio a major refit and overhaul. Among the tasks that I need to complete over the next week or two are as follow... More

Airzone restoration article is finished

I have finally finished the article relating to the restoration of the cabinet of a 1940's Airzone mantel receiver. Please click on Restore ... More

Site makeover is coming... soon

It's been quite a while since I have updated this site. With Christmas and a few other events, I've been a bit snowed under lately though I ... More

Discussion forums are open for business

I am pleased to announce that the Vintage Radio forums are now up and running. In time I hope this facility becomes fairly popular. Whilst t... More

Index of brand names

I have placed a new page on Vintage Radio which lists many, and in some cases most, of the brands of radios that existed during the valve er... More

Forum development almost finished

Some of you will have read below where I mention the inclusion of a new discussion forum on this site and the fact that I had decided to mak... More

A forum is coming

Today sees the start of Daylight Saving in NSW, ACT, VIC, SA and TAS, something which I find un-necessary and would find easier to live with... More

Time to restore a 1950's Airzone

It's been a while since I have updated this site though the good news is that there is some exciting new articles on the way. Tonight I have... More

I'm still on the planet

It's been a while since I have written anything here and I apologise for that though work commitments and also a commitment to making anothe... More

The true cost of something collectable

How much would you pay for a radio? I usually buy off Ebay these days because I can pick and choose based on many factors, including price, ... More

Glossary of terms up and running

I have put up the pages that contain the new glossary I am trying to get finished. I have done my best to keep this as confined to the impor... More

Plans for a glossary

I have started putting together a new page which will be known as a 'glossary of terms' - a bit like the glossaries you would find in a book... More

The Airzone Fleet

It's been a while since I have said anything here, however not all is lost, I've been doing some renovations around the house which meant th... More

Literature reviews

I have added a page with some book and magazine reviews called Literature reviews. It is quite annoying that something like this has not bee... More

Sitemap has been updated

Justa small update tonight. I have added some of the newer pages to the Sitemap page and I have changed the format of the linking between ne... More

The survivors

I hope all the diggers had a good day today! On another note, I have just published a new article here which is over five pages and is calle... More

Services Directory is now operational

Good news! A services directory has been compiled, as promised a week or so ago. The list is small at this stage but it currently contains t... More

Services Directory

One of the most popular, yet still welcome, questions that I receive in emails from Vintage Radio is from people looking for places to get t... More

What brands did this set sell under?

Last year I posted here that I was looking for the brand name for the radio above. Recently whilst browsing on Ebay I found a fawn coloured ... More

Receiver collectability

I have now included a two page article on collectability of receivers. It's been a while since I added anything but the next few articles ar... More

AWA Radiolette Model 516

I am now the proud owner of three 1947 Radiolettes. I received a brown one this afternoon which now sits between the white and green ones I'... More

Sitemap added to Vintage Radio

I have updated the sitemap page with several new links to photos that have been added in the last 24 hours. I intend to create catagories fo... More

Dating vintage radios

I have added four new pages which describes the many ways in which you can determine the age of a vintage radio. The text is complete but ov... More

The Atwater Kent Model 40

Today I acquired this Atwater Kent model 40 which is complete though untested as it is an American mains powered model and not able to be us... More

Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone. I have shifted the 'I need' article from this page to a new one which can be accessed from the links at the left. I... More

Merry Christmas everyone

I have now added the new article on the Life Cycle Evolution of receivers. There is two pages and the links are called Life Cycles 1 and Lif... More

Some site changes

I have rejigged the home page slightly and I am currently preparing a new section on how radio cabinets have evolved through the life cycle ... More

Collection Service

Do you have some radios that you no longer have a use for or that you have inherited and have no room for? I will happily acquire them on th... More

Do you have a radio you'd like to sell?

I may be interested.... Acquisition policy is as per the above collection service, ie: I am interested in anything that has some value or is... More

Suggestions for extra content

If there is something not here that you'd like to see included, please email your suggestion to me. If there is something about this site yo... More

Time to get some work done here

Exactly 10 months later and without fulfilling my original desire to place some new photos on this site, largely due to work commitments of ... More


I have decided that, just before Christmas, I am going to redo all the photographs on this website using my digital camera. I feel that this... More

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