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 AWA P1P TV Service Data/Manual
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I recently found a AWA P1P television and I was wondering if anyone has a manual for this model. I have a copy for the P1 but I am unsure if there are any electrical differences between the two models. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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From the Radiomuseum:

QUOTE: The AWA P1 series was introduced in 1965 and remained in production until 1971. It tunes the 13 standard Australian VHF channels. There were several variants of this set, including the AWA P1, P1P, P1Q, P1T and P1Y. The earlier P1 series sets were available with a burgundy, white or standard blue cabinet, with matching speaker grille, while the later versions were only available in the standard blue cabinet. However, the sets with a white cabinet still used a darker grey/blue speaker grille.

The major distinguishing difference between the earlier and later P1 series sets was the CRT and front bezel. The early P1s used an 11LP4 CRT, while the later P1s used an AK11X2 CRT. The AK11X2 had a flatter faceplate than the earlier 11LP4s, and the front bezel was changed to accommodate that. The later AK11X2 CRTs also had the EHT anode connection on the top of the CRT, instead of the side like the earlier models. All CRTs used in the P1 series were 11" monochrome tubes, with 110° electromagnetic deflection.

Like in previous years, AWA re-badged some of its televisions for Westinghouse & Electrice - the P1 series being one of these. The model numbers of the Westinghouse/Electrice units are W1147 & E1147, but they are essentially identical to the P1 series.

Also says:

P1 Chassis = 46-00 Series
P1P Chassis = 46-05

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