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 Saba Electrosound 1956 at a quick look
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 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 3:58:38 PM on 2 January 2017.
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 photo unnamed_zps1jfxpmzu.jpg

Well what a beauty this is, This lovely 1956 Saba Electrosound was given to me through this website as the owner wasn't interested in having repaired, Although he had spent some money on it not so long ago and took it too a techo who got it up and running for sometime.
He was happy that the TV was going to a tv collector and I was over the moon to have anther Gem and one with a bit of History . Thanks again ,

The cainet doors are spring loaded and pushing the button on the top swings them open automatically to reveal a 15 inch screen . I noted the sticker is still on the safety glass stating 5 year warranty only with Saba , The screen surrounding is bright gold and all the knobs are still there with a nice face plate saying Saba Electrosound. It really is a nice old set and it is the remote control model too .

Taking a Torch around the back of the TV for a peek and the first thing you notice is how much thought has gone into the design of the Chassis ,It just slides out out in one piece including picture tube in one complete unit for servicing ,, looks like only 4 screws and you can put it on a bench. This one has an Australian Trasformer, but it must be a very early one because the plug can be put in either way making chassis live if you got it wrong, I remember reading that this plug was banned and the later 2 prong plugs could only go in one way.

I also remember reading that not all the European models came with Transformers, This is the first time I have seen a chassis like this so I can only go off what I have read. All my other tvs from the 50s are a Active, Neutral, Earth Chassis., its a bit of a scary chassis but very very interesting to be just looking at as I'm doing.

The other thing I notice here is when I stick my head under the Chassis,, ,,,, Is the the way the Germans do their Capacitors and Resistors,,Their in rows with the Values facing upwards and its as neat as pin, Not like my w101 Pye where there all over the place and messy , The Saba has them in a somewhat nice orderly fashion.

I can see it has a new 5W power Resistor in it and 2 new caps from the work that was done recently, I can also see its missing the HT suction Cap and just the bare wire clips are protruding from the picture tube, Gosh that could wreck your day !!! Apart from that it appears to be original. The sound comes from one 12in Rola speaker ,,hahah,,you have to love the fifties !,, 15 inch picture tube and a 12 inch speaker !,

Sadly the cabinet is made in Australia and shows some cheap shoddy workmanship,
This German TV would of been state of the art technology in 1956 and would of cost a mint ,Yet the Cabinet maker has the entire weight of the chassis and the picture tube being held in by 8 nails on 4 tiny scrap blocks . NO bracing ,, nothing and its a miracle it has not fallen out over the years. Doing furniture for many years ,i see this time and time again,there were some very shoddy cabinet builders here in oz,, But in this case it could be a fitter that fits the cradle not a cabinet maker perhaps.

The outside of the cabinet is finnished in 1950s classic walnut and would of been a light colour originally as it darkens with time,, The outside veneer is ornate and lines up perfectly when the doors are closed . There are a couple of different veneers on it ,The inside being dark as you open the doors,, The frame has Oak and some Ash.

The cabinet will come up beautiful, thats not a drama for me as finishes are my thing, But I will be bracing up the frame work to hold this beauty safe inside it

So there you have it ,,, its a bit of fun

 photo 20170102_124118_zps4hkn38tk.jpg

 photo 20170102_124144_zpsyya4bvmx.jpg

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What a ripper. I hope the CRT and the FBT are in good nick. Please post some pictures of the resto as you go. I didn't know Saba was even a brand available in Australia back in the fifties. Nice find.

 Return to top of page · Post #: 3 · Written at 5:19:43 PM on 8 January 2017.
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 Location: Cromer, NSW
 Member since 1 May 2016
 Member #: 1919
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G Day Ian, good to see you here, How are you going with that great old pye .? Ready for me to come around with popcorn for a 50s movie night yet?.. hahah!,,,its a slow old hobby fixing vintage tv sets ,nothing happens fast ..i know I have a shed full of tvs

The saba is a nice old set, I know a guy who is a expert on saba tvs so I'm chatting to him about the best way for me to go about getting it up ad running again,,,as you know I'm only a learner with electronics but ive come a long way and learnt a lot.

I wont start it yet until I finish my 64 precedent I'm like that ,i cant start a project until that one is finished*** old school**

Anyway apparently saba made the tv chassis in 1956 and they were imported into Australia and built into cabinets for 1957,shops like myers sold them,this guy I know has the sales brochure. Its a very nice old set thats for sure,
All the best pete

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