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 Restoring Vintage Electrolytics.
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I've just had a very good Ebay find which makes restoring vintage electrolytics quite easy. It is a 12V to 200V DC converter.

The Ebay item number is 281867623223 with a delivered cost of just under $18.00. All you need is a 12V power supply to drive it.

The output voltage goes up to over 250V and is adjustable down to 90V which is perfect for vintage electrolytics.

I put a 4.7K 5W resistor in series and monitor the voltage across the cap being restored.

It's quite fascinating to watch the initial very slow rise in voltage up to the rated voltage of the cap. Once reached I leave it connected for an hour or so. Then slowly discharge the cap to zero. The next charge cycle is many times quicker indicating much less internal leakage.

I am currently restoring a PYE W101 table top Television and this little converter is worth it's weight in gold.

Hopefully very soon I can apply full power to W101 and see what else needs replacing. All the paper caps have been replaced but I'm sure there will be a few high value resistors lurking.

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