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 Hi all!
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 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 23:41:08 on 26 July 2010.
Sean With A Wega's Gravatar
 Location: St Marys, NSW
 Member since 26 July 2010
 Member #: 708
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Just posting a quick hello to all here on this forum. Yes, I know the user name is a little strange but there is method to the madness.

Go to this address: http://www.radiomuseum.org/r/wega_prominent_mit_raumklang.html#a

and the beautiful old radio you see there is what I have. A Wega Prominent.

If there is anyone out there that has any experience in fixing these babies could you let me know of your existence?

The problems i'm having are a stuck dial (which I fix by giving a thing inside a little push). It has a limited range of movement before getting stuck. The other problem is the Ferrous antenna. I tried to change stations on it, done that ok, but it got stuck on the way back and I can't get it to recieve anymore, since I didn't take notice how the plugs were placed (see pics at website above).

The biggest frustration is that I have the original instructions & schematics but they are in GERMAN! (boo!) Any help would be really appreciated; in the meantime i'll just be looking around.

P.S. That stuck dial problem I mentioned is a variable resistor that looks the same as the one at this address:

Thanks all!
Sean (with a Wega)

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STC830's Gravatar
 Location: NSW
 Member since 10 June 2010
 Member #: 681
 Postcount: 1010

Hello Sean

I have a similar looking radio but Italian text on the back. Make /model Salora oy, Milano, Salo. Maker of large central speaker is Wigo, side speakers Isophon.The front and chassis layout while not identical much alike. Mine has only six preselects for example. However the front layout similar down to the position of the indicator. Unfortunately chassis sticker is missing.

Similar to this (Finnish)

except like yours mine has a rotatable ferrite loopstick antenna.


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