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 Valve radio collection
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 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 8:52:20 AM on 21 April 2014.
RachSA's Gravatar
 Location: Macquarie Park, NSW
 Member since 21 April 2014
 Member #: 1556
 Postcount: 5

Hi all,

I have joined this site as I need to (hopefully) sell my dad's collection of valve radios and parts etc. My dad was an electrician with a keen passion for the radios, and has a nice size collection.

Dad sadly passed away some years ago and we feel it's time to move his collection on. I am just not sure how to do this, and don't want to be taken advantage of if they are worth anything. I also want them to be purchased by people who have the same passion that he did.

Reading this site made me very happy, as many people here have the same passion my dad did. I wish he could have been part of it. This site was created the year he passed away.

If anyone could offer advice as to how we go about finding other enthusiasts that may want to buy the collection, or parts of it, I would really appreciate it. I know there are a lot of AWA's plus knobs and bits and pieces, plus large ones with record player etc.

The collection is in South Australia.

Thank you for your time reading this, and I hope I have come to the right place for help.


 Return to top of page · Post #: 2 · Written at 10:04:57 AM on 21 April 2014.
GTC's avatar
 Location: Sydney, NSW
 Member since 28 January 2011
 Member #: 823
 Postcount: 6237

Hard to know without the details, but if it's a sizeable collection of good quality stuff then having it auctioned may the easiest way to go.

Suggest you contact the SA branch of the Historical Radio Society. Although your father (presumably) was not an HRSA member, they may be willing to assist you with disposal:


 Return to top of page · Post #: 3 · Written at 11:49:36 AM on 21 April 2014.
Brad's avatar
 Location: Greenwich, NSW
 Member since 15 November 2005
 Member #: 1
 Postcount: 6625

One other way, if you have the time to manage it is to put each radio on Ebay. Any radios that are coloured Bakelite or particularly rare models will attract good prices. Console radios however generally don't sell too well because people don't have the space for them although some exceptions also apply here - Astor Arabian Nights series radios, early AWAs, Essanays and Airzones or any console with turned legs will usually be fought over in the bidding process.

Again, Ebay consumes a lot of time but the returns could be greater.

A valve a day keeps the transistor away...

 Return to top of page · Post #: 4 · Written at 1:56:53 PM on 21 April 2014.
Chris Ronayne's avatar
 Location: Wauchope, NSW
 Member since 1 January 2013
 Member #: 1269
 Postcount: 576

Did he have any vintage televisions or parts in his collection?


 Return to top of page · Post #: 5 · Written at 6:16:19 PM on 21 April 2014.
DJ Oz's avatar
 Location: Central Coast, NSW
 Member since 18 April 2014
 Member #: 1554
 Postcount: 215

Welcome RashSA

I am a newbie here myself... but I think you come to the right place to enquirer on how best to part with your Fathers much loved collection

I'd say most all here are here for the love of Old Radio's & TV's & would show any a lot of love & care

Id be definably use the advise given above... but if you do want to go the Ebay path... start watching the auctions to see what things go for... especially any you recognise on a search as being in your fathers collection.... if he was a collector I am sure he would have gem or two

Really I guess a radio and parts are worth what someone is willing to pay but some will go above and beyond market if its something they are truly after

I seen a wonderful Beehive fully restored go for over $400
this is a beehive so you know what I am talking about


But ebay is a crap shoot for sure and it does pay to know your market values

So getting some advise from those that know is a good Idea
Ebay is not the only Auction show in town and there are a few auction houses around but best to see what the market is liable to pay

Good luck in your Quest

 Return to top of page · Post #: 6 · Written at 10:12:43 AM on 23 April 2014.
RachSA's Gravatar
 Location: Macquarie Park, NSW
 Member since 21 April 2014
 Member #: 1556
 Postcount: 5

Thank you all for your advice. I will try and get a good idea, and some photos etc of exactly what's in the collection. Its hard being in another state, but I already feel like I've made some headway.

Chris, I am fairy certain my dad had plenty of vintage TV's and possibly parts. Is there anything specific you would be looking for? I can ask my mum to have a look.

Thanks again, I'm very grateful for all the advice Smile

 Return to top of page · Post #: 7 · Written at 11:16:23 AM on 23 April 2014.
Chris Ronayne's avatar
 Location: Wauchope, NSW
 Member since 1 January 2013
 Member #: 1269
 Postcount: 576

I'm interested in any sets from the 1950s and 1960s, and parts like spare CRTs for such sets. Thanks! Smile


 Return to top of page · Post #: 8 · Written at 9:57:03 PM on 23 April 2014.
TV Collector's Gravatar
 Location: Ballarat, VIC
 Member since 4 January 2011
 Member #: 803
 Postcount: 456

If there are any TV specific parts amongst your father's collection please don't throw them away. While there is very little interest in these parts in general they are of use to a small but growing number of people interested in restoring old TV's.

There are people on these forums who'll be happy to provide advice about any electronic parts that cannot be identified as well as what can be done with them.

 Return to top of page · Post #: 9 · Written at 9:01:49 PM on 24 April 2014.
Art's Gravatar
 Location: Somewhere, USA
 Member since 22 October 2013
 Member #: 1437
 Postcount: 895

Hi Rach,

Sorry to hear about your Dad.
Doing what you are doing is a great thing to do.

Sometimes the relatives who aren't quite as passionate
dispose of things much less respectfully.

PS. why not keep a nice one.. you might like it Smile

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