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 Philips Radioplayer 05571
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 Return to top of page · Post #: 16 · Written at 10:47:12 PM on 8 July 2020.
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If the winding is coming out the side, do not tease it back in with your fingers, or anything that will scratch the insulation. Some of that early lacquer was dicey. 132L winding was (on the advice of a motor rewinder), locked in place with Araldite. There is an Elantas Mar that I have used on a welder & an STC mentioned on this forum.


 Return to top of page · Post #: 17 · Written at 7:08:37 AM on 9 July 2020.
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Extra point to what Marc says about the power transformer.
My transformer had turns spilling out sideways and this was plainly visable on the open sides of the laminations that is the "top and bottom".
What was worse was the turns were spilling out on the other two sides, that is in the cheek area against the laminations!!
I very very very carefully slid some paper insulation into the gap between the laminations and the coil layers so at least the enamel wire was not touching steel!
Yes, the wire is an Enamel coat and can scratch off easily if poked with any thing abrasive like a screwdriver!
The wire is nothing like a modern poly coat you can hit with a hammer.
Just lifting the turns off the steel, sliding in paper, and putting sticky tape down on the exposed steel areas provided insulation.
Just plain masking tape from Woolies and plain paper is better than nothing.
I then pre heated the tranny in the hot sun, then submerged the whole thing in a tin of "Estapol" turps based laquer overnight and once drained popped it into my old pie oven to slow bake.
Totally succesfull in this case, the laquer filled up all the voids and put a good layer of shiny over the whole thing nailing any stray turns down.


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