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 Question on log in
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 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 12:06:58 AM on 25 October 2014.
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 Location: Central Coast, NSW
 Member since 18 April 2014
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Hi Brad, All

Just a query.... I was logged in doing replies and when I posted It come up with my log in again in the box
thinking I may have been (due to time) automatically logged out I logged in again..(not thinking as I know some site do that)
(the post did go thought)

So does this site have an auto log out? if so how long?

Just after reading Brad comments on the amount of attacks this site gets it got me wondering

Thanks all

 Return to top of page · Post #: 2 · Written at 12:16:43 AM on 25 October 2014.
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 Location: Greenwich, NSW
 Member since 15 November 2005
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If you are only using a temporary login (not ticking the box) then you will get a session that lasts for 20 minutes. This is the default for all web servers though this can be changed at the webmaster's discretion.

Each click, or other activity, performed by a member during that 20 minute period will reset the timer, so to say. So if you are busy on the site then the session is indefinite. If 20 minutes elapses between two inputs from a member then the session will time out. If you are on a page with a comments form then this is set to still work if the session expires - consider it a trapping of membership. Smile

The only way around this is to tick the box, though only ever use that feature on your own computer otherwise someone can hijack your account.

All websites, including this one, get attacked. Such events don't influence the behaviour we are discussing though. It is just the way forums and other interactive sites work.

A valve a day keeps the transistor away...

 Return to top of page · Post #: 3 · Written at 1:10:34 AM on 25 October 2014.
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 Location: Central Coast, NSW
 Member since 18 April 2014
 Member #: 1554
 Postcount: 215

Thanks Mate ...yes auto log out is a good idea and that explains it..why the post still went up...just with me mate I can spent 2 hr doing one while checking things in my effort not to stuff up..lately that hasn't been so successful thought lol..

Just sent you the 64 and 65 schematic to post up ..at your discretion

Thanks Brad for the detailed reply Smile

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