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Written at 15:10:44 on Saturday, 2nd December, 2017. 

Services Directory


This directory has been established to provide the contact details of the closest vintage radio suppliers and repairers. This list is not exactly comprehensive but this is largely due to three things. The first is that the numbers of people with the ability to diagnose and repair faults on valve equipment is diminishing dramatically. As people retire and pass on, the technology is unfortunately leaving us with them because their knowledge is not being passed on to today's generation at a sufficient rate. Secondly, the Web has few resources as it is to locate people who still do this work. I have searched the White Pages, Yellow Pages and Sensis for servicemen. There is very little there I am afraid. Lastly, Digital Radio is currently being trialled in Australia. We've seen it happen with digital television and digital mobile phones - one day the analogue transmissions will cease, which means that both AM and FM radio will become a thing of the past. This means that there will be little point in getting valve receivers repaired because they won't be able to be listened to. This is, of course, unless you plan on building a small AM translator to convert an alternative signal source to an AM broadcast signal so that your sets will still work.

So at some painstaking lengths, I have done some digging and compiled the following list. I still welcome further additions to the list. If you offer a repair or valve supply service or know of someone that does, please email me with the details. It is important to get as many on this list as possible. Each state and territory will have their own directory and to be fair to all, all listings will be in alphabetical order going by the full name of the business or person. To prevent your email service being spammed I won't be listing email addresses and will instead ask that people either the website of the serviceman or business or ring them on the supplied numbers.

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Note: If you live close to a border it is best to also check your neighbouring state just incase there is a closer business there.

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It is my intention to grow this directory substantially. If a request comes for the addition of an international directory I will give it serious consideration.