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Written at 14:14:56 on Saturday, 2nd December, 2017. 

Vintage Radio & Television - Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy is the document that governs the use of the forums and other interactive features on Vintage Radio & Television. Observing this policy is a condition of membership.


1. Members will have unlimited, all-day access to Vintage Radio & Television subject to the Pleasure of the Owner and the provisions of this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

2. The Owner, Administrators and Moderators, where duly appointed, reserve the right to edit or delete comments and/or other submitted content which contravene the AUP. Where this is done a brief reason for such action will be given at the bottom of the comment in question.

Becoming a member:

1. Membership of this website is welcomed from interested people from all over the world. Whilst this website primarily pertains to the valve radio era in Australia, contributions and enquiries from members regarding any valve equipment is encouraged. This website has expanded in recent times to include vintage solid-state radio; vintage television; vintage military, commercial and industrial radio; vintage telephony; and vintage gramophones and phonographs. Discussion and exchange of information and research is welcomed on all these subjects.

2. Membership must belong to natural people and not robots. Automated registrations are not permitted and when detected, such accounts will be closed without warning or explanation.

3. Each person is permitted to open only one account. Subsequent registrations will be closed regardless of whether that account has yet been put to use or not.

4. When applying for membership you must tell the truth about yourself with respect to your location and e-mail address. Providing false particulars is grounds for account closure. E-mail addresses must be valid and working, with sufficient disc space for new e-mail, should we need to contact you. Your spam settings must be set to accept messages from the vintage-radio.com.au domain. You must provide your location to within 100km of your exact location. This means providing the nearest large town, the state or territory (or if outside Australia, town plus state, territory, province or county) and the country you live in.

5. Usernames can be your real name or a pseudonym (nickname) at your option. Usernames must be G-rated as people of all ages visit this website. Members selecting usernames containing filth, anything religious or political, or otherwise objectionable content will be banned without warning or explanation.

6. Usernames may not contain numerals, special characters (fullstops, underscores, etc). Only a combination of letters and/or spaces are permitted.

7. No more than one space character is permitted between each word in a username. (To help prevent impersonation issues)

8. Your choice of username shall not be for the purpose of impersonating another member, staff member or government authority. Usernames such as Admin, Moderator or Police are prohibited regardless of whether you hold such positions here or elsewhere.

9. Usernames shall not contain amateur radio callsigns. (You may post your callsign on your profile page when this feature is offered)

10. Usernames shall not contain e-mail addresses, uniform resource locators, domain names or phone numbers.

11. Passwords must be at least eight characters long, upto a maximum of thirty two characters, and may include a combination of letters (upper and lower case), numerals and special characters.

12. Passwords should not contain obvious strings of characters such as your username (spelt forwards or backwards) the brand name of a radio, the names of key parts of a radio or the name of your dog. The stronger your password is, the less likely it is that someone will be successful at stealing your account.

13. With respect to Clause 12 (Becoming a member), relating to the strength of your password, members shall be solely responsible for their choice of password. If a member's account is hijacked as a result of a password that contravenes Clause 12 (Becoming a member) or is otherwise, in our opinion, a weak password then the member concerned will be solely responsible for the fact that any information they have submitted in their application for membership may well fall into the hands of the hijacker. The member concerned may also be asked to compensate the Owner for any financial loss arising from a breach of Clause 12 (Becoming a member).

14. Accounts that are hijacked will be suspended once such an event has been detected. Suspended accounts will only be returned to the appropriate member once that member has satisfied the Owner that they are the correct account holder.

15. Passwords used by members on this website should not be used on any other website and vice-versa.

Posting on the forums:

1. With the exception of the General Discussion forum, all forums are headed by a specific subject matter and comments posted by members shall be relevant to the forum the comment is posted on.

2. Comments shall not contain material which is not owned by the member posting it except for the following reasons:-

3. Comments shall not be posted for the intention of causing a heated argument to start. (Kick the ball but not the player)

4. Comments shall not contain foul language, insults, hatred or racism.

5. Comments shall not contain links to material that is not relevant to the forum it is being posted in or that is not relevant in posts replying to another post.

6. Comments shall be written in clear, concise English. Correct capitalisation, grammar and punctuation is expected so that other members can read and understand what is being said. Acronyms and slang should be kept to a minimum. Comments should be G-rated at all times. Posts that lack these qualities will be edited for clarity and repeated lack of attention in this regard may lead to the member being warned.

7. Comments specifically pertaining to religion, politics or other potentially extremist causes shall not be posted on any forum here.

8. Comments posted on one forum shall not be repeated in subsequent postings or posted on other forums. This is called cross-posting and in such cases all repeated posts will be deleted and, if necessary, the original post may be moved to a more relevant forum.

9. With the exception of the Wanted and For Sale forum, comments shall not be posted asking members to reply by e-mail or phone. All initial responses by other members shall be on the forums with only private transactions such as personal details, bank account details, etc being discussed via e-mail or other medium. Members who prompt others to reply to a post outside the forum will have their post edited or deleted.

10. Note: ZERO TOLERANCE TO SPAMMING: Posts shall not be made for the purpose of advertising (spamming). No warnings will be given. Any post that is deliberate spam or appears to be automatically posted (the Administrator can easily see the difference between automatic and manual posting) will be deleted and the offending member permanently banned. If in doubt, e-mail the administrator and seek a more exacting clarification or read some of the long standing posts in the Wanted and for Sale forum and interpret the precedent that has been set. It's worth the extra effort to avoid the embarrassment of a ban.

Wanted and For Sale posts:

1. Posts in this forum shall only be for the sale or give-away of, or wishlists for, equipment or parts relating to vintage radio and television or other vintage electrical appliances. All irrelevant posts shall be deleted. For the purpose of this clause, "vintage" shall mean an item that was manufactured at least 30 years prior to the date of sale.

2. The trade of any item on this website will be deemed to have taken place in New South Wales as this is where the host server is located. The Commonwealth Competition and Consumer Act, 2010 and the NSW Fair Trading Act, 1987 are two of the laws that have jurisdiction over any sales conducted on this website.

3. Posts offering goods for sale shall state the type of goods, the brand (if known), the approximate age of the goods, the condition the goods are in, whether the goods are operable or not and the post must either contain prices for the goods and a price for packing and postage or a link to a webpage containing this pricing information or a request for other members to make an offer for the goods or bid in an organised auction for the goods. The operating voltage, required mains frequency and whether the goods operate on alternating current (AC), direct current (DC) or both shall also be stated in the post where this information is known to the person disposing of the goods.

4. Posts shall not contain false, misleading or deceptive information.

5. Posts advertising the sale of any electrical equipment shall contain a warning stating that "This equipment must be inspected and/or serviced by a competent person and declared safe by that competent person before being operated. This equipment should only be operated as intended by the manufacturer." This warning need not be inserted for the sale of non-electrical items such as badges, dial glasses, control knobs, etc.

6. Posts containing links to relevant offerings on auction sites are permitted providing that the items offered belong to the member posting the links or the member is an agent acting on instructions from the owner of the items.

Criminal activity

The owner of this website will reserve the right to refer any matter to the Police or any other Statutory Authority he deems fit with respect to the following:-

1. Where a person uses this website for the purpose of stalking, menacing or harassing another person.

2. Where a person uses this website for the purpose of running a scam or other activity with the intention of trading fraudulently with another person.

3. Where a person uses this website to breach any State or Commonwealth law, regulation or code of practice.

4. Where a person uses this website to plan for or become involved with any other criminal activity.

5. Where a person attempts to or does gain access to any part of this website they should reasonably know they are not entitled to access. This would include but not be limited to hacking, cracking, exploiting any weakness in the system or other means.

This website logs all transactions made by members and guests and thus suspect activity is easy to detect and trace back. Such logging is in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

When it comes to addressing criminal activity, there will be a ZERO TOLERANCE approach - everyone has been warned.

Responsibility and trade practices

1. At no time shall the Owner, Administrators, Moderators or other people who are a party to the management of this website be in any way responsible for any transaction that takes place via this website. Nor will any of the above people be obliged to assist with resolving an issue. The parties to the sale, auction, swap, etc; shall deal with any discrepancies, disputes or whatever, outside this website. This could include a discussion on how to mutually solve the issue, mediation through a tribunal, legal advice from a solicitor or civil action through a court of competent jurisdiction.

2. It should be taken for granted that any item advertised for sale, auction, swap, etc; is either used, new old stock or a new part for an old appliance. Thus it should be assumed that a warranty is not included with the passing of the goods beyond what may be required by law.

3. People acquiring goods or services advertised on this website should consider the risks of doing so and the old motto applies at all times: caveat emptor.