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A few of the items I need

I need the following items to assist with the restoration of some of my receivers. If you have any of the below items which are surplus to your requirements then please email me using the Contact page elsewhere on this site. Naturally I'd be expecting anything I am offered to be in good condition with no cracks or other forms of excessive wear and tear. Please include details such as the price and the state your items are in and if possible a photo of each item so that I can see what I am buying.

AWA Radiolette dial pointer

Radiolette dial pointer

This tuning dial pointer is from the 1947 AWA Radiolette. I need one of these in this colour. Very rare I admit but someone must have one somewhere that is in fair nick.

AWA Radiola knob

Radiola button

This knob is from a 1936 AWA Radiola console. It was a fairly common knob and used on some of the Fisk Radiolettes too.

Kriesler cabinet

Kriesler cabinet Kriesler crack

This Kriesler 11-7 from 1947 has a few cracks in the top grille and is also missing the yucky-looking orange plastic front grille. I'd like to get hold of a complete spare cabinet or simply another one of these that doesn't work.

Kriesler Tablegram tuning dial

Missing dial

This Kriesler 11-25 tablegram from 1950 was probably on the floor of the previous owner's house and chances are the dial glass is missing because it copped a kicking. This set works well for a four valver and has very good volume and I need a new dial glass to complete this receiver. This receiver also needs a knob. See Inset for detail.

STC Bantam needs knobs

Missing knobs

This STC Bantam was made in 1952. She doesn't work but does need a couple of knobs. The dial glass has a small crack in one corner though I will probably be able to sort that out.

HMV dial glass

Cacked dial glass

This set is a 1946 HMV 886 and this was my very first restoration project which took place about 16 years ago. Not having the resources that I do now, my only real option for the dial glass at the time was to fasten it to a new piece of plain glass and then reinstall. I think it is time to look for a new dial glass though.

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