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 Philips 178
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Hi, I have 2 Radiograms ones a 178 D and the others a 178 C that I've bought to restore.
The 178 C is complete and working plus is in good condition. The 178 D is quite a bit different to the 178 C . It has a separate power supply which sits on the bottom of the cabinet but is missing .

Does anybody have any ideas on tracking one down?

I have 2 circuit diagrams. I need to look at the units properly to see if they are correct but there must have been a lot of variations with these . This one has 3 speakers and I think on the power supply there was extra circuitry for tone control.
If it was just power supply I'd just make one but as usual with me it isn't that easy.

It also has Short Wave 1,2 and 3 the 178C only has one .

They're both nice units but the 178 D has a lot more bells and whistles.


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Searching around I note reference to 5 models from 1955/56: 178 (Beethoven), 178A, 178B, 178C, 178D, all with the same lineup:

6AN7 6N8 EF86 12AT7 EM34 6M5 6M5 6BD7 6M5 5V4G

With 10 valves (counting the rectifier and tuning eye), they would have been expensive radiograms in their time and with 3 speakers and separate amps for bass and treble they should sound pretty good.

The service information for all models talks about removing a sub-chassis as well as a main chassis. The power supply appears to be connected via an octal plug and socket.

I don't see mention in the documentation of 3 SW bands on any model, just BC + 2 SW.

There is mention that the phonograph in the D model is different and there are differences among the IF transformers for B-C-D (described in the alignment procedures).

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