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 What TV is this?
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 Return to top of page · Post #: 16 · Written at 7:07:10 PM on 22 December 2013.
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 Location: Ballarat, VIC
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An update on the Nipper 17 transportable TV referred to earlier in the thread.

I ended up acquiring it and have had a look at it to see what is wrong with it. As acquired it had sound but no picture, a common fault with valve/hybrid TV's.

An inspection of the horizontal output stage showed the set had been in considerable distress in the past. The EHT transformer is wax impregnated and large quantities had run out and formed a puddle underneath and the transformer looked burnt as well.
To be absolutely sure of the diagnosis I conducted a "ring-test" on the transformer. This proved beyond doubt that the transformer is shorted.

So the set is back on the "rainy day" pile while I seek a replacement transformer.

Anyone have any old EHT transformers gathering dust? The one I need is for the HMV PX chassis, MSP part number 55453 (this number is printed on the transformer).

 Return to top of page · Post #: 17 · Written at 7:54:18 PM on 22 December 2013.
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 Location: Lakes Entrance, VIC
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Hope u track one down. Be a nice set to get going. Al

 Return to top of page · Post #: 18 · Written at 5:55:39 AM on 30 January 2019.
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 Location: Brisbane, QLD
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Hi Oldtvmelb, I was wondering if you still have the Pye Chancellor and is it a lowboy or console ,cheers

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