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 AWA Radiola Deep Image model 207C or 230
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A set top box and an old VCR would get a picture on that set licketty split. I'd say that the vast majority of the first generation of flat screen tellies would be on the tip by now. They were expensive, complex and only came with analogue tuners. Why it took so long for digital tuners to make their way into flat screen sets is anyone's guess but no doubt has something to do with the planned obsolescence regime that most companies engage in these days, creating billions of tonnes of waste that has to go somewhere.

It makes the AWA set somewhat future-proof by comparison, as it still works and can still be used.

A valve a day keeps the transistor away...

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Both the TV and the Lady are in good condition, ,she looks happy and healthy

Note the colour of the Television. This is what I'm always refering to in regards of colour finishes . The colour is one uniform bright colour! Very small tone changes in the finish and colour.
This was the trend and it is not achieved in staining as you would stain a coffee table or an antique chair.
It's achieved by using a base colour first or making a Glaze.
This Era of the 50's and 60's, it was all the rage from sideboards to TV's , but particularly on TV sets.


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