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 A Hanimex portable TV.
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 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 4:17:43 PM on 12 July 2017.
Fred Lever's Gravatar
 Location: Toongabbie, NSW
 Member since 19 November 2015
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Hi, my sister had this B/W TV set that had no further use for her, so I've given it a home.
Its a portable 2 in one TV/Radio that runs from 240 or 12 volt DC mains or battery.
While it has a sticker saying 'Hanimex' on the top I guess they were just the agent in Australia.

Once home I found it simple to pop the top off, being held by 5 screws and inside was a clean looking set of PCB's of the transistor era with scarcely a chip in sight if at all.
All the parts looked like very good quality, no bulging electros so I ran it from a current regulated DC power supply set at 0.5 amp max and fired it up. It worked immediately on radio and TV with normal sound on AM/FM and bright 'snow' when switched to TV.

I think this is a top class bit of gear and made to last forever and a day. It has a very 'Japan made' feeling to it.
There is no other manufacture markings on it, but you TV guys may recognise some of the components and have a clue who made it.

Its too good to scrap out as it works perfectly.

Hanimex Television
Hanimex Television
Hanimex Television
Hanimex Television

So where did it come from and who made it?

Cheers, Fred.

 Return to top of page · Post #: 2 · Written at 5:57:39 PM on 12 July 2017.
GTC's avatar
 Location: Sydney, NSW
 Member since 28 January 2011
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Old ham'n'eggs imported a variety of merchandise back in the day.

 Return to top of page · Post #: 3 · Written at 8:22:40 PM on 17 July 2017.
Brad's avatar
 Location: Greenwich, NSW
 Member since 15 November 2005
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It was a strange product mix that came from Hanimex. Some of it was Australian, some of it was imported. Everything from tellies to cameras to pushbikes.

Apparently the last four letters of the name stands for IMport EXport.

A valve a day keeps the transistor away...

 Return to top of page · Post #: 4 · Written at 8:44:33 PM on 17 July 2017.
Vintage Pete's avatar
 Location: Albury, NSW
 Member since 1 May 2016
 Member #: 1919
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Hey Fred,
I use to own a 1977 Kombi Campervan with the works,
It had the Rare Don pop top with 2 bunks in there and port holes in the roof for star watching.
Then it had a 3 way fridge and stove ,plus the big main bed in the back.
On the bench was mounted a TV the same as yours!
The only one I've ever seen.
Thats one car I wish I had never sold !
It was a beauty.
The TV would of been an added extra from the guy who owned it before me.
When I sold it ,I got 10k for it which was a lot in 1990
Now there worth a mint with a Don
I sold it to buy a one ticket to Asia and then to Egypt, 3 years later I came home .

 Return to top of page · Post #: 5 · Written at 9:57:00 AM on 18 July 2017.
Gandhn's Gravatar
 Location: Windella, NSW
 Member since 5 November 2010
 Member #: 770
 Postcount: 333


The name came from the principal, Jack Hannes, hence the name HAN IM EX, as you mentioned.
I remember them as a customer, in their factory at Brookvale, when I was a callow youth in the test and measurement field.


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