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 Forum rules relating to crime
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Whilst it is not my position to judge as to whether a specific transaction that has originated on this forum is fair or not I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the rules relating to criminal activity whilst on this site.

In the Acceptable Use Policy, there is a section labelled "Criminal Activity" and I draw attention to the preamble which states that:-

The owner of this website will reserve the right to refer any matter to the Police or any other Statutory Authority he deems fit with respect to the following:

...and Clause 2, which states that:-

Where a person uses this website for the purpose of running a scam or other activity with the intention of trading fraudulently with another person.

With the above text hopefully read and duly noted by all members I will just clarify things by stating that anyone who sells goods and/or services on this site that they do not have legal title to (including but not limited to paying for those goods and/or services before on-selling them) is in clear breach of the law and would leave themselves open to being referred to the police for further action.

To cover another oft-ignored rule, posts showing items for sale must include the price for those items, including any postage and handling costs, or must include the statement "make an offer" or similar. Potential buyers have a right to know what they will be up for before initial contact is made with the seller. Posts that ignore this rule in future will be deleted without warning.

I will not entertain any dialogue or other correspondence relating to this thread. All everyone needs to do is make sure they are complying with the AUP.

A valve a day keeps the transistor away...

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