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 Wanted Kriesler emblem and front speaker grill for KRIESLER Model 11-7
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 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 5:02:09 AM on 18 May 2017.
Tallar Carl's avatar
 Location: Latham, ACT
 Member since 21 February 2015
 Member #: 1705
 Postcount: 707

I am fixing a mates radio and would like to find either one or both of these. Does any one know where I can get them or do you have spares that you dont need.

 Return to top of page · Post #: 2 · Written at 8:17:50 AM on 18 May 2017.
Marcc's avatar
 Location: Wangaratta, VIC
 Member since 21 February 2009
 Member #: 438
 Postcount: 2564

Those are normally broken the plastic is quite brittle if it is that clear plastic type: I am surprised that no one has printed some.

Photo of an 11-7 may be an idea? If I have one I will sent to Brad.


I have the Kriesler data sheet

I now 3NE Wangaratta has one and it is the same, count it out.

 Return to top of page · Post #: 3 · Written at 8:40:16 AM on 22 May 2017.
Tallar Carl's avatar
 Location: Latham, ACT
 Member since 21 February 2015
 Member #: 1705
 Postcount: 707

On closer inspection the emblem isn't so bad , its only the top of the back of the k that's missing so he has a hriesler instead lol. But I am still looking for a speaker Grill on the front I will send Brad a photo to put up. I completed its electronic rebuild and my friend polished the case and it came up very well.

Kriesler 11-7 Table Radio
Kriesler 11-7 Table Radio

 Return to top of page · Post #: 4 · Written at 10:44:02 PM on 23 May 2017.
Dodofleet's Gravatar
 Location: Bairnsdale, VIC
 Member since 4 January 2014
 Member #: 1479
 Postcount: 14

That's beautiful Tallar Carl. I inherited one of these beauties from my grandparents. Luckily, everything is still in tact and in good condition. It is currently with a local repairer of vintage radios who is giving it a new lease on life.

With a young family I haven't got the time to learn a new trade (vintage electronic repair), but I plan to one day. I have quite a few other inherited vintage electronics I plan on keeping and restoring.

 Return to top of page · Post #: 5 · Written at 8:16:03 PM on 24 May 2017.
Tallar Carl's avatar
 Location: Latham, ACT
 Member since 21 February 2015
 Member #: 1705
 Postcount: 707

You will love the sound. Smile

 Return to top of page · Post #: 6 · Written at 10:38:11 AM on 25 May 2017.
Ian Robertson's Gravatar
 Location: Belrose, NSW
 Member since 31 December 2015
 Member #: 1844
 Postcount: 340

Yeah, lots of even harmonic distortion and diagonal clipping!

Sorry to be a cynic. Must be my recent work on valve guitar amplifiers.

"That's not an amplifier, it's a musical instrument!"

 Return to top of page · Post #: 7 · Written at 1:26:04 PM on 25 May 2017.
GTC's avatar
 Location: Sydney, NSW
 Member since 28 January 2011
 Member #: 823
 Postcount: 3624

It's interesting how people perceive sound. What sounds great to one person can sound terrible to another.

Some guitarists chase what they like to call "old school" sound and even pay very silly money to buy 60 or 70 year old capacitors in order to achieve it.

Then of course there's deliberately introduced distortion and overdrive.

And, as we age, we lose the highs anyway.

 Return to top of page · Post #: 8 · Written at 8:21:56 PM on 25 May 2017.
Tallar Carl's avatar
 Location: Latham, ACT
 Member since 21 February 2015
 Member #: 1705
 Postcount: 707

This one is cystal clear and loud as.

 Return to top of page · Post #: 9 · Written at 10:53:23 AM on 26 May 2017.
Ian Robertson's Gravatar
 Location: Belrose, NSW
 Member since 31 December 2015
 Member #: 1844
 Postcount: 340

They certainly do some strange things with valves in guitar amps to get the desired result.

A recent case - a "10 watt" practice amp using a single 6V6 in the output.

450 volts on plate, 350 on screen, 470 ohms cathode bias. Kind of AB1, but single ended. Biassed that way to avoid exceeding plate dissipation of the 6V6 by too much. I wonder how long the poor little Sovtek 6V6 will take this treatment?

Yes it did output 10 watts RMS on test, at about 45% THD!

For such a small amp, it did sound loud though.

Don't get me started on the tonal qualities of paper capacitors, paper-insulated transformers and birch timber cabinets. And certain "golden" brands of valves.

A very accomplished engineer who used to work for us would refer to this kind of thing as "witchcraft". By that, he meant any design or claim not backed up with hard data. If you can't measure it, it doesn't exist.

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