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 Very new to Radiograms (kriesler 11-104)
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 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 9:29:06 PM on 24 July 2011.
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Hi there,

I've recently bought a Kriesler Multi Sonic Stereo 11-104 from Ebay, and have absolutely no idea how to use it. No one in my family has owned one and I can't find the information I need just trawling the interwebs. Being a member of the younger generation the stereogram caught my eye as a great alternative to ikea sideboards.
I guess if anyone had an instruction manual for this and could pass it on to me that would be great, I have no idea how to insert the needle into the thing that I think is called a Stylus? I find this very frustrating as it appears that unless you already know this basic information, then there's no hope for you.
The radio works fine and it's great to kick back and listen to the ABC but I would like to know how to get the turntable that has an automatic record changer (it's a BSR) up and running
If anyone could point me in the right direction so I can learn as much as I can about these old world treasures I would really appreciate the help.




First time caller, Long time listener

 Return to top of page · Post #: 2 · Written at 12:41:37 AM on 25 July 2011.
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That's a nice looking piece of furniture.

I think the 11-104 used a BSR UA15 turntable, or similar. If so, there's a guy in the USA selling reproduction manuals that may suit:


You might be able to find a suitable stylus (needle). Here is a guy advertising a stylus that he claims fits a large range of grams, including the 11-104:


He says what he is offering is similar to ST3 and ST4. I think your Kriesler may have used an ST4 stylus.

... but looking at that pickup, it's hard to tell the condition of the cartridge itself. I'd be inclined to try to replace the whole cartridge rather than just the stylus.

I think your series may have used the BSR CT1 cartridge:


If you remove the cartridge from the pickup arm (be very careful with the connecting wires as they are quite fragile) can you see any identifying numbers on the cartridge itself?

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