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 Gulbransen Radio - Possible Restoration/new home?
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 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 12:45:17 on 14 August 2010.
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I have an old Gulbransen radio in pretty poor condition.

It came from a deceased estate, and was intended for restoration, but I have no idea whether it would be worth it to the collector, so I'm hoping someone here can give me an idea of its value (not necessarily monetary, more like whether anyone would be bothered).

I believe it is this model


but it doesn't have the swivel platform.

I've tried to find more information, but not knowing much about old radios, I'm at a bit of a loss - I don't know if I should make an effort to find a new home for it, but I'm very hesitant to throw it away, since it has been kept for so many years for the purpose of restoration.

The radio is in pieces, but as far as I can tell a lot of it is still there: the wooden cabinet is solid, and although some of the laminate and trimmings have come off, they are all there in a box. The valve parts are there, too and a speaker, but all are sort of floating around in the cabinet, partly anchored (ie: still attached). The dial seems to be inside (attached to the valves), although I can't see any knobs etc; I think they are long gone.

There's a good chance that even with a full resto the bits won't work - I've certainly never seen it in operation - but I can't see any obvious rust or damage to the parts, either, so I guess what I am wondering is what have I got here - is it the kind of thing that can find a home with a collector, or is it beyond that?

I'm happy to answer any questions, but cannot post images at the moment, as the radio is inaccessible.

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