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 Look at this pig
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 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 8:16:30 PM on 7 March 2020.
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 Location: Greenwich, NSW
 Member since 15 November 2005
 Member #: 1
 Postcount: 6348

This bloke got 30 days in gaol for licking a tub of ice cream and then putting it back on the shelf for someone to purchase.

It should go further. If he 'has anything' and he knows about it he should be facing stiffer charges and penalties. In the linked article it states that the practice has gone viral. Hopefully, if the habit arrives here the penaties will be stiffer by default.

Some brands have seals on ice cream tubs though I am not sure whether all do or not.

These people are just pigs, plain and simple.


A valve a day keeps the transistor away...

 Return to top of page · Post #: 2 · Written at 8:27:08 PM on 7 March 2020.
Marcc's avatar
 Location: Wangaratta, VIC
 Member since 21 February 2009
 Member #: 438
 Postcount: 4339

Saw that. Perhaps conduct endangering life would be appropriate along side charges under the various "health acts".

 Return to top of page · Post #: 3 · Written at 9:06:48 PM on 7 March 2020.
STC830's Gravatar
 Location: NSW
 Member since 10 June 2010
 Member #: 681
 Postcount: 941

If people are going to start licking toilet roll packs too, maybe that is the reason people are getting in before the virus spreads.

Comment of copper about people fighting over toilet rolls - "this is not Thunderdome or Mad Max - take it easy". My kind of copper.

 Return to top of page · Post #: 4 · Written at 9:52:11 PM on 7 March 2020.
Vintage Pete's avatar
 Location: Albury, NSW
 Member since 1 May 2016
 Member #: 1919
 Postcount: 1993

Yes well perhaps the time has come for a world cleanse if we get to many people of this nature living in it. that lick food products or elevator buttons or even the two " ladies " who brought Woolies to stand still by fighting over a toilet roll .... Think I will go and watch pleasantville the movie !

 Return to top of page · Post #: 5 · Written at 10:38:38 PM on 7 March 2020.
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 Location: Sydney, NSW
 Member since 18 September 2015
 Member #: 1801
 Postcount: 1379

Nothing better than watching fat women fighting Grin

 Return to top of page · Post #: 6 · Written at 11:37:33 PM on 7 March 2020.
Marcc's avatar
 Location: Wangaratta, VIC
 Member since 21 February 2009
 Member #: 438
 Postcount: 4339

Oh well! With those flubber like figures, its a big jiggle: Not a giggle. Really! what is the world coming to? Insane.

Some people are just unbelievable. I was cleaning the ladies loo (usually the filthiest) at an Arches I was working at between jobs & some filthy bitch had kissed, & left the lipstick marks on the wall.

What sort of upbringing had she had?

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