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 Philips N1700 video cassette recorder
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 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 11:30:31 PM on 8 July 2018.
Tilltill's Gravatar
 Location: Melbourne, VIC
 Member since 8 July 2018
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Hi all

I recently picked up a Philips recorder along with 19 LVC-90 and LVC-150 tapes.
My aim is to convert these tapes to my computer via capture hardware I have installed.
Unfortunately, I fear this VCR is well past it's use by date. It powers up and all, begins to play a tape but just stops suddenly. It then doesn't allow me to eject the tape and I have try tapping the button countless times before it finally switches off and ejects the tape.

Does anyone know anyone who would fix these old machines?

 Return to top of page · Post #: 2 · Written at 1:05:35 PM on 9 July 2018.
Flukeoneseventyfive's Gravatar
 Location: Laidley, QLD
 Member since 16 September 2015
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G'Day Tilltill

Could be the end sensors.

I had the N1500, solid and heavy beast at least 20kg

I found a few
sites that may help or at least let you know, there are others out there...

source for a service manual

and looks like some one is having the same problem, at work, so didn't have a chance to read it all..and see the outcome.

good luck .

 Return to top of page · Post #: 3 · Written at 3:07:29 PM on 9 July 2018.
Ian Robertson's Gravatar
 Location: Belrose, NSW
 Member since 31 December 2015
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Unlike the 1500, the 1700 does not have a Video Out. Not the units I saw anyway. However, if yours has a SCART connector you may be in luck.

Many, many years ago I modified one of these for Pye to get video in and out. It worked quite well. If you get yours running you will probably need to do that, at least the Video Out anyway. I vaguely remember that Y and C were available separately, if so, and your capture card supports Y/C input, the end result will be vastly better.

You should be able to fix your machine by replacing all the rubber belts and tyres. WES components used to sell universal VCR tyre and belt kits. Maybe they still do,

 Return to top of page · Post #: 4 · Written at 1:55:49 PM on 15 July 2018.
Labrat's avatar
 Location: Penrith, NSW
 Member since 7 April 2012
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Hello Tilltill.
I agree that you will have to change the belts. Try not to get the goo from the belts all over you.

If you manage to find a souce for the belts, let us all know. I have two of these machines. I am sure the material on the tape you have would be interesting. Even any period ads. The last material I saw from one of these machines was of the 1980 Olympics.

Interesting machine. No video head switiching.


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