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 Alternate use for CRC 2-26
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 Return to top of page · Post #: 1 · Written at 12:56:09 PM on 23 April 2018.
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 Location: Penrith, NSW
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Once upon a time, C.R.C. 2-26 could be used to incinerate flies. If one held a cigarette lighter in front of the nozzle and chased the annoying fly, it became an effective flame thrower.

This is, of course, back before the formulation was changed. The can then for a while came with a notification, in red, stating that the product was now approved to be used aboard ships of the United States Navy.

The smell of burning CRC is not a fragrant one. I seem to remember the ash floating slowly down, was just like that from acetylene, and just as messy.


 Return to top of page · Post #: 2 · Written at 7:40:24 PM on 23 April 2018.
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Most of the firepower in sprays is due to LP gas being used as the propellant rather than air. Not sure why this is necessary - perhaps a propellant with traces of oxygen can degrade the contents over time - not sure either way.

Recently someone lost half their face due to a can of something being used as a flame thrower. I once used the same technique on a hornet's nest but I found that a can of Momar's Contract works just as well with the contents at room temperature. The nozzle on this product is like that on cans of capsicum spray that police use at the football to subdue brawling patrons. Instead of the fine mist from the 'personal' version it sprays like a CO2 fire extinguisher, preventing the hornets from getting an opportunity to launch a counter-offensive.

A valve a day keeps the transistor away...

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You really should not combine oxygen with a hydrocarbon, then pressurise it, then issue it to the general public.

Think about it.

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 Location: Sydney, NSW
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Gardener I know uses PestXpert Wasp Jet Long Reach. I've seen that in action on paper wasps, and it works!

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