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There are a number of documents that should be read before posting to the forums. This is especially required of new members. Please take the time to read these as they provide invaluable information on how to post, when to expect a reply and optional text formatting. The third link (appears when you are logged in) allows you to mark every thread on every forum as read.
No new posts General Discussion General Discussion

Post here only for topics not covered by the forums below. Relevant links to other sites are welcome however no advertising is permitted.

Last thread by: Robbbert
Date posted: 22 July 2024
Time posted: 6:42:40 PM

Last post by: Brad
Date posted: 25 July 2024
Time posted: 6:09:19 AM

No new posts Tech Talk Tech Talk

Post in Tech Talk for discussions on circuits, electrical and electronics principles, types of valves, etc. Relevant links okay but no advertising.

Last thread by: Darrinh
Date posted: 22 July 2024
Time posted: 2:50:14 PM

Last post by: Marcc
Date posted: 23 July 2024
Time posted: 9:19:48 PM

No new postsLocked Wanted and For Sale Wanted and For Sale


Last thread by: Brad
Date posted: 6 June 2020
Time posted: 8:07:13 PM

Last post by: Brad
Date posted: 6 June 2020
Time posted: 8:07:13 PM

No new posts Member Introductions Member Introductions

New to vintage Radio? New to this site? You can introduce yourself in this forum. Talk about what inspired you to start your collection and what interests you about them.

Last thread by: Jonk
Date posted: 15 July 2024
Time posted: 10:54:26 AM

Last post by: Brad
Date posted: 22 July 2024
Time posted: 5:58:28 AM

No new posts Websites and Collections Websites and Collections

Talk about your collections, your favourite receiver or preferred niche. If you have a relevant website then you can post your URL here. Photos of collections are welcome.

Last thread by: Marcc
Date posted: 17 March 2024
Time posted: 10:15:34 PM

Last post by: STC830
Date posted: 20 March 2024
Time posted: 7:17:28 PM

No new posts Vintage Television Vintage Television

Vintage Television is for those who have an interest in collecting and restoring televisions. Originally intended for the first generation of valve models, most of the transistorised models now also fall into the 'vintage' category.

Last thread by: Labrat
Date posted: 30 June 2024
Time posted: 3:11:27 PM

Last post by: Irext
Date posted: 22 July 2024
Time posted: 4:25:06 PM

No new posts Vintage Military Radio Vintage Military Radio

This forum is for military radio. Discuss your passion for transmitting and receiving equipment and even talk about how you got your wife's permission to keep your collection!

Last thread by: Ian Robertson
Date posted: 14 April 2017
Time posted: 12:32:07 PM

Last post by: Pa Man
Date posted: 6 June 2019
Time posted: 12:46:47 PM

No new posts Vintage Gramophones and Phonographs Vintage Gramophones and Phonographs

Are you into collecting, servicing, repairing or restoring gramophones or phonographs? Talk about your experiences here in this forum.

Last thread by: Robbbert
Date posted: 16 July 2024
Time posted: 2:09:12 PM

Last post by: Robbbert
Date posted: 16 July 2024
Time posted: 2:09:12 PM

No new posts Vintage Telephones Vintage Telephones

Not quite radio-related but here is Vintage Telephones. If you collect and restore old telephones then you can discuss the ups and downs of that here.

Last thread by: GTC
Date posted: 19 September 2023
Time posted: 4:21:36 PM

Last post by: Brad
Date posted: 31 October 2023
Time posted: 12:42:34 PM

No new posts Historical Features Historical Features

This forum is for articles of a historical nature. Articles may contain links to external sources but all material must be relevant.

Last thread by: Wodbore
Date posted: 4 May 2024
Time posted: 4:20:04 PM

Last post by: Kakadumh
Date posted: 28 June 2024
Time posted: 7:30:42 PM

No new posts Workshops, Tools and Test Equipment Workshops, Tools and Test Equipment

Give an insight into how you go about radio repairs and restorations. Show us your workshop and equipment and describe your set-up and why it works for you.

Last thread by: Technomaniac
Date posted: 6 September 2022
Time posted: 4:16:11 PM

Last post by: Ian Robertson
Date posted: 19 March 2024
Time posted: 8:38:59 PM

No new posts Special Projects Special Projects

Talk about or seek advice on home made radios, amplifiers and televisions. This may include your version of the famous Little General.

Last thread by: Fred Lever
Date posted: 6 July 2024
Time posted: 8:54:18 PM

Last post by: Ian Robertson
Date posted: 10 July 2024
Time posted: 6:50:30 PM

No new posts Cabinet Repairs Cabinet Repairs

Repairs to radio and television cabinets are often necessary to get that relic looking as it was manufactured. Discuss the how-tos of cabinet repairs here.

Last thread by: PhillipsonefortyK
Date posted: 2 June 2024
Time posted: 1:28:01 PM

Last post by: STC830
Date posted: 3 June 2024
Time posted: 7:52:42 AM

No new posts Vintage Amateur Radio Vintage Amateur Radio

Any set that transmits and/or receives in any of the recognised amateur radio bands, along with clubs, collections and museums can be put in this forum.

Last thread by: Jgasdj
Date posted: 17 January 2024
Time posted: 4:23:49 AM

Date posted: 1 May 2024
Time posted: 1:23:34 PM

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