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Over the past few days we have had a few idiots using servers in Germany to flood the forums. Steps are being taken to try and block the hostile data and I hope to have the forums back online as soon as possible.

Vintage Radio

Vintage Radio hosts Australia's only discussion forums relating to Australian vintage radio. Members of these forums include those who are quite knowledgable and experienced with all facets of repair, service and restoration of these invaluable pieces of our Nation's broadcasting history. Discussions also include the subjects of vintage television, telephones and other vintage electrical appliances and there is a general discussion forum that allows discussion of off-topic subjects. If any of this subject matter is of interest to you then membership of this website is strongly encouraged.

The AWA Radiolette 500M and the AWA Radiola 510M - Rarely do these radios come together in this turquoise colour.

The AWA Radiolette 500M and AWA Radiola 510M - Rarely do these radios come together in this turquoise colour.

The RadioFest is back on for another year, just in case anyone has not heard. This year it is back in Canberra and will be held at the EPIC Centre in the northern suburb of Mitchell. The usual main attractions are the class auction on Saturday, 21st September and the big sale on Sunday, 22nd September in the big hall, which promises to be up to twice the size of the sale last held in Melbourne. Everything from complete radios to spare parts, valves, magazines, books, power supplies (for battery radios), and much more will be available, if previous events are anything to go by. For a complete list of what is on, please visit The RadioFest HomePage.

For those wanting who find Canberra a bit daunting to drive around, the light rail line is open and trams do pass the EPIC Centre and a quick bite to eat is not far away. Canberra does have a card based ticket system but I have heard that single trip tickets can be purchased at each stop. Canberra is also home to dozens of hotels, motels and camping grounds, one of which is available at the EPIC Centre. You can see some photos taken at previous RadioFests here, giving examples of the items that are available each time this event is held.

If you have even the slightest interest in vintage radio and are able to make it to Canberra on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd September, you owe it to yourself to attend.