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Vintage Radio hosts Australia's only discussion forums relating to Australian vintage radio. Members of these forums include those who are quite knowledgable and experienced with all facets of repair, service and restoration of these invaluable pieces of our Nation's broadcasting history. Discussions also include the subjects of vintage television, telephones and other vintage electrical appliances and there is a general discussion forum that allows discussion of off-topic subjects. If any of this subject matter is of interest to you then membership of this website is strongly encouraged.

The AWA Radiola 517M.

The Coronavirus is keeping us all under lock and key for the immediate future and many radio collectors have taken the opportunity to either increase the size of their collections or have undertaken some restoration activities. My latest acquisition is the AWA Radiola 517M, shown in the adjacent photo and is part of an effort to increase the number of radios in my collection that appear in the rare burgundy colour. More on these radios can be seen over at The Sydney Radio Collector.

In the latest site news, some will notice that there is now a member's 'log out' link in the top bar of the website. This can only be seen if a member is logged in. A 'log in' link will soon be added and this will be followed by a redesign of the site's masthead. This new design will eventually become sitewide, thus bringing the design of the forums inline with the rest of the site.