Welcome to Vintage Radio

Due to recent reliability problems, on Sunday, 11th October, I made a regretful decision to once again pull the site offline temporarily, until I can find some time to relocate it to an alternative webhost where hopefully reliability will be restored.

Between now and when the forums are back on line, I will post some content on this page to maintain interest and at the same time provide some updates on progress with finding a new home for Vintage Radio.


Last week I shifted a copy of the site and its databases to the old server I have here at home and found that whilst the site worked, it was very slow. After uploading a copy of the database that was in use up until about 18 months ago, the site worked fine with excellent speed and no timeouts. This tells me that at some stage the current database has become corrupted and does not communicate correctly.

This week, time permitting, I will attempt to rebuild the database and then put it through a torture test. Assuming I have success, I will then work out what I will do regarding hosting. Amongst the webhosts I have studied so far, I am not happy with the features on offer so I have no choice but to keep looking.

The aim is to have Vintage Radio back before Christmas and I hope this can be achieved.

Standby content

Until I can get the database fixed and find a new host, as promised, below is some standby content (I don't have a better name for it) to help alleviate not having the forums. It doesn't take place of the forums but I suppose it's better than nothing.

Brad's latest close shave on the road

It doesn't pay to use the road these days. It doesn't pay to be an insurance company either. Here's why:-

Fred's latest article - The Syncrodyne

Fred tried to post an article to his thread on the Syncrodyne but the site went offline just before it could be uploaded. Here it is in living colour:-