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Vintage Radio will be back soon. After a few weeks of testing, the site seems stable and has been performing well, though it needs to be back online and 'under load' in real world conditions for a final decision to be made on performance. Another article from Fred has been added to the list below, Part 1 of a story on an AM field strength meter.

Update - 28th November

I believe all is now well with site file repairs and the site has been working well on my own server for a few weeks now. Now comes the big decision - where to put it so it can be reached again. I am still of two minds here. One is saying find another webhost and just get the files up and running. The other is saying revert to self-hosting. The problem with the first option is that it will cost a lot of money to take that risk with placing trust in others again. The issue with the second option is that I need to set up an NBN connection somewhere. Only one is permitted in each household (stupid NBNCo rules) and the one currently available to me does not come with a static IP address so using that is also a deal breaker.

Whilst I am undertaking another unholy task - shifting house - I will try and make a decision as to hosting arrangement.

Standby content

Below is some standby content (I don't have a better name for it) to help alleviate not having the forums. It doesn't take place of the forums but I suppose it's better than nothing.

Fred's latest article - AM field strength meter - Part 1

Fred has released yet another article, an AM field strength meter:-

Brad's latest acquisition - An early 1930s STC Console in working order

This STC console has landed in the collection of the site administrator in the last couple of weeks. The radio is in working order and complete original condition, aside from a few component replacements when it was restored about twenty years ago. Please check the photos attached.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4

Fred's recent article - A DAB to AM converter

Fred has released another article, this time on a DAB to AM converter:-

Brad's latest close shave on the road

It doesn't pay to use the road these days. It doesn't pay to be an insurance company either. Here's why:-

Fred's recent article - The Syncrodyne

Fred tried to post an article to his thread on the Syncrodyne but the site went offline just before it could be uploaded. Here it is in living colour:-

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