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Welcome back to Vintage Radio in 2022. There is very likely to be an increase in activity this year as the coronavirus finally appears to be subsiding and communities revert to their pre-2020 lifestyles. With some care and good management, radio clubs can resume their activities too with regular meetings, swaps and sales returning to the calendar. The HRSA has recently announced that the next RadioFest will be held in September, 2023. It seems so far away but gives everyone something to look forward to in the relative certainty that another virus lockdown has little chance of obstructing the event. It will also allow time for those wanting to part with their collectables time to get them ready and those wanting to buy a chance to save their pennies.

The Vintage Radio Forums are still with us. When time is more available, I will be discussing with a suitably qualified individual the option of an upgrade to the site to bring everything back onto one system and adding a couple of long-wanted features. Since the site came back online there are still a couple of things not working but I will attend to that as time allows.

Today, being the 26th January, Australia Day is with us again. Regardless of anyone's political views on the matter, I hope everyone has a good day and hope the rain stays away so those barbeques can be lit. On Sydney Harbour, the usual attractions have made a return with the tall ships squadron, the annual ferry race and 9PM fireworks to go ahead as scheduled. For the benefit of those not living in Australia, four First Fleet-class Sydney passenger ferries run a mock race along a portion of the Harbour, with the water under the Sydney Harbour Bridge forming the finish line with passenger fares funding a charity event.

One goal I have for the first half of 2022 is to get my new workshop set up so I can get a few more radios I own restored. The trick at the moment is finding the room for a workbench. At the moment the bench is there but there is camping gear and some old computer equipment stored on it. Some rearranging will be needed.