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Welcome to Vintage Radio in 2018 and welcome to the start of our new home page. Below are some imaged quick links to parts of the site that are of particular interest. For the next few weeks you will need to go to the Discussion Forums Home Page to log in to the site, retrieve a forgotten password or sign up as a new member.

Please remember - it is against the site's Acceptable Use Policy to have more than one account on Vintage Radio. Please click the third image below for more information.

All members are asked to review the site's policies as soon as practicable. These documents have been reviewed for 2018 and there have been subtle changes. The new documents apply as of their review date, whether they have been read or not.

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Receiver of the Week

Receiver of the Week will be returning very soon. Information for this feature will be updated before it goes live once again.

Site News

Over the next couple of weeks, very little will happen as far as work on the site is concerned. I will be watching carefully, as often as possible, to monitor performance and any signs of instability though I will be taking a break from coding to enjoy Christmas but will respond to any fatal flaws I've not yet found in the new work. That said, I am reasonably confident that there are no such flaws.

The front page of the new site (this page) will receive it's permanent design soon. Receiver of the Week will be back, most definitely. There will be a few small photos that lead to articles that are on the site. Some of these will change every few weeks, others will be more permanent. This will give the front page the same sort of look and feel as some of the newspaper websites.

As time goes on you can expect a few of the forum functions to start appearing, the first being links to sign in and out of Vintage Radio, followed by links to new pages that support applying for an account and retrieving lost or forgotten passwords. The other less-significant member features that are in the Control Panel will be shifted to the new site following this.